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Another new incarnation of the Nintendo consoles, and 7th in line, at that, has appeared recently and many of the loyal fans that grew up on games like Mario Kart and Zelda were astounded by this news. The new console, called The Nintendo Switch, aims to blur the lines that many have found between mobile and traditional gaming.

It was released in the beginning of last month, on March 3rd, to be precise. What encouraged gamers, even more, is the fact that the new console will be playable at home and on the road as well, so many have started taking it with them on flights, car rides, and even to work, not wanting to sacrifice even a second of enjoyment.

The console also comes with detachable ‘Joy-Con’ controllers (wireless, of course), and also support for all kinds of third-party developers, and all of that for merely $299.99. Nintendo fans were extremely excited while waiting for the release, and not only because of the console itself, but also because they’ll now be able to use it to play some of their favorite games from other platforms as well, including some of the hits like NBA 2k18, and even The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Combining Switch With VPN

Before Switch came out, combining VPNs and other Nintendo consoles was mainly done for two reasons – to unblock content under geo-restrictions for those who live in censored regions, and to bypass multiple layers of firewalls that schools and working places often employ. This is also true for Nintendo Switch, and even though you can combine it with VPNs, first hear us out on some features that we found worth mentioning.

Region-Free Gaming

Nintendo Switch is going to be completely region-free. No more blocking, no more restricted content and no more ‘This is not available in your country’, no matter where in the world you’re trying to access things from. All of the content, downloaded software and cartridges can be used everywhere in the world, so the VPN won’t be needed when it comes to this.

However, eShops are another issue, since they are region-based, and for those whose region doesn’t have one, a VPN might end up being needed after all. You have two choices, either use VPN router, or you can access it by sharing the PC VPN, the choice is yours.

The one that we recommend for this is TorGuard, which has lots of servers everywhere in the world, so you’re bound to find places with sShops, and it also has a pretty good speed, so that your downloads won’t last forever. TorGuard is definitely one of the best ones out there for you to use in general since it provides a lot of features and guarantees your online safety and privacy.

Can VPN Be Used For Switch Multiplayer

When it comes to Wii and Wii U, what bothered fans the most was the really poor quality of multiplayer that came in with these two consoled. Nintendo is, thankfully, aware of this problem, and has offered a subscription service. This includes voice chat, online multiplayer, and other exclusive offers.

Not all of the details about the subscription service are known, and only that we know for certain is that it won’t be available until Fall 2017. It was said that the price will include less that $30 per year, so there’s that at least. Also, a free trial can be experienced before you decide if you like it or not. The service will also be restricted to the fans from Canada, Mexico, and, of course, the US.

For all the rest who don’t live in those areas, and don’t really feel like moving there, the VPN will be necessary in order to enjoy the same features. This is easily done by simply choosing a server located in one of those 3 countries, and luckily, TorGuard has lots of them located there.

So, with all of the new games that already came out, and also those that are still supposed to appear, we expect that the hardcore Nintendo fans will have a lot of fun with Switch, and many hours of quality gaming ahead of them. If you have issues with the console because of where you’re located, remember to use a VPN. Other than that, we wish you happy gaming.

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