All about Operation BugDrop and How to Protect Yourself with a Malware Protection VPN

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Just last month, CyberX, a provider of security software, unraveled the existence of a very large malware campaign aimed at many industries that are reliant on technology. Dubbed Operation

BugDrop, the malware campaign is described by CyberX as a “well-organized operation that employs sophisticated malware” in stealing large amounts of data. So far, the malware has been proven to mostly attack Ukrainian firms with at least 70 of them already affected. On the list of the firms attacked are human rights organizations, crude oils firms, news outfits in Ukraine and science research centers. This does not, however, mean that it is limited to Ukraine as it can affect anyone.

What Operation BugDrop Can Do

This is a most dangerous piece of malware as it has various capabilities including;

Steal data through Dropbox

The creators of this lethal malware were clever enough to figure out a way of stealing your data without your knowledge. They do that through an installed Dropbox app so that the user does not take note. Given that Dropbox on a computer uploads and downloads data in the background, it is easy to assume that it is just the owner’s app.

Capturing data

This malware has many tricks up its sleeve in getting the data of the user being targeted. First, it can turn on microphones to listen to what the user is doing. It can also discreetly activate the camera to take pictures of the keyboard and other items it needs from the user.

Messes with programs

As if the methods explained above are not dangerous enough, this malware campaign is also built to infiltrate programs and change the way they work. Through a method called DLL injection, the program is able to insert dynamic link library that is infected so that a certain program works the way they want. They can, for example, send data to the hackers.
Of note is the fact that this DLL injection is made to automatically encrypt the DLL injected into the program. This aspect makes it impossible to detect it. Removing it also becomes an uphill task.

Enables the use of free hosting sites as Command and Control (C&C) servers

Command and Control servers are used in controlling a computer from a distance and this is what this malware does. The fact that it uses free hosting sites means that it can create as many C&C servers as it wishes. This aspect will make it almost impossible to detect and trace.

Keeping Yourself Safe

So far, this malware has made away with at least 600 GB of data from the targeted firms. While it seems that it is impossible to stop this type of malware, there are tools you can employ to stay safe. Use one of the following top-rated VPNs to accomplish the best security:

All about Operation BugDrop and How to Protect Yourself with a Malware Protection VPN All about Operation BugDrop and How to Protect Yourself with a Malware Protection VPN
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