Pirate Sites Blocked Where You are? Here’s How to Access

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P2P (Peer-To-Peer) websites are getting more and more popular with every passing year, and even with every passing day. The reason for their creation is for a few online users to share files among themselves, but that was ages ago. Today, they’re used by the entire world when it comes to downloading any sort of digital media. One of the torrenting websites that use this P2P method, The Pirate Bay, got so successful that it even tried to buy their own island once.

The reason for their sudden popularity are the possibilities they offer. These sites contain anything, literally anything of the digital content that you might need. From ebooks, video games, music, and cartoons to movies, TV shows, applications and even some of the classified files.

Since using these websites is considered sharing between members, it’s not actually illegal because, in order for it to be illegal, money and paying would have to be involved. However, this doesn’t stop authorities to try and block or take down these websites almost constantly and in many countries.

They’re trying to make sharing illegal and to do so, they’re using the fact that no license is used for distributing these files through the P2P websites. Despite their efforts, P2P websites continue to work and reappear every time they’re taken down, and this will most likely continue to happen in the future.

Why is P2P so Popular?

So what makes the P2P websites so popular that its users are fighting authorities about them for years? Well, there are several reasons:

1. The files are easy to distribute

If you want to share files, the transaction that occurs must involve two “peers”, which would mean that you need a distribution server and an end-user. When the connection is made, it’s pretty weak, and the sharing could drag on for ages. On the other hand, on P2P sites, the file sharing is much easier because involves more peers, and thus makes the sharing many times faster.

2. P2P is easy to use 

When you try and regularly download an online file, and the connection gets interrupted the download process is completely stopped, the connection is severed and the user would have to start downloading all over again. However, if using P2P client management software, and similar circumstances occur, and the connection is interrupted, the file sharing process only gets paused and can be safely continued when the issue is dealt with.

3. Torrent websites are free to use

This one is, self-explanatory, P2P sites provide users around the globe to share files of any sort free of charge, and they even allow you to get to files that aren’t available in your country by usual ways. With that in mind and the minimal risk of being punished for using them, it’s no wonder that P2P use is becoming a usual way to get files online.

Of course, even with all that in mind, the authorities are still trying to block or take down P2P sites. Fortunately, when it comes to blocking, it can easily be bypassed with a little know-how. If P2P sites are blocked where you are, your best solution is the use of VPNs.

Best VPNs for Pirating?

Every VPN comes with its set of features that are provided to their users, but many of those are universal for all of the VPNs out there. Masking and hiding your IP address is, thankfully, one of those features. It’s done by temporarily replacing your virtual signatures, and therefore also replacing your virtual location.

For example, if something is blocked in your country, and some other country can access it just fine, you use that country’s server, get one of their IP addresses and that’s it, you can now access anything that’s not blocked over there.

Aside from this, VPNs also help with your online privacy, since the majority of those aren’t keeping any activity logs, and also, your data flow gets encrypted, so no one else can tell what you’re doing while surfing the web. Even your ISP can only tell that you’re using VPN, but not what you’re using it for.

Now, when it comes to using VPNs, as we already mentioned, there are many different ones and they all have their own features. So, which one do you use? Well, that’s up to you, really. We can recommend some of them, for example, TorGuard, GhostVPN, IPVanish, and PIA (Private Internet Access).

Armed with this knowledge, you can now access any P2P sites from anywhere in the world. All you need to do is install a VPN, and your days of being blocked by your administrator or your government are over.

Pirate Sites Blocked Where You are? Here’s How to Access Pirate Sites Blocked Where You are? Here’s How to Access
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