Protect Your Investment and Use a VPN for Samsung S10

VPN for Samsung S10

Samsung is one of the most powerful and influential tech companies on the whole planet. The Korean brand has achieved worldwide fame thanks to the quality of its products, and most recently, for the Samsung Galaxy devices.

One of the true market leaders, Samsung is arguably the most prominent smartphone manufacturer, and the market share numbers don’t lie. And recently, the Asian giant set the tech industry on fire with the launch of the brand new S10 smartphone and the Galaxy Fold, which is the planet’s first foldable smartphone.

However, just because the device implements cutting-edge technology and is one of the best smartphones designed up until now doesn’t mean that it comes with no vulnerabilities. Some may argue that it could prove a high-security risk if not utilized correctly. Sadly, in our days, hackers and malware developers are very skilled, and information’s value is at an all-time high.

Everybody wants to get a hold of users’ data and traffic. It has several uses: for marketing, mostly, but also other purposes. If you want to protect your privacy and enhance your security while using your Samsung S10, VPN technology will come in handy.

The almighty Samsung Galaxy S10 series

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is the newest smartphone of a line of Android devices, made by South Korean firm Samsung Electronics. The launch of the S10 matches the 10th anniversary of the famous worldwide series.

The phone was unpacked on February 20, 2019; it started shipping on March 8 in all locations. The company presented both the S10 and the S10+ models, with only screen size and front camera as different elements. Other two smartphones were developed: the Galaxy S10e (a smaller one) and 5G-compatible Galaxy S10 5G.

Among the device’s most notable features are an excellent front camera, on-screen fingerprint unlocking, and much more. With the mentioned phones and elements, Samsung has secured a significant competitive advantage over the iPhone for the foreseeable future.

Prices and presentations

The Galaxy Fold costs around $2,000, whereas the S10e checks in at $750. The standard Galaxy S10’s price is $850, and the Galaxy S10+ costs $1,000. Now that you know the prices, you won’t leave the security and privacy of your device up to chance, will you?

To protect your exclusive, expensive phone from hackers, malware developers, copyright trolls, crypto miners, targeted advertisers, and other agents; as well as avoiding situations such as geo-blocking, censorship, and government surveillance, you need to spoof your location and encrypt your traffic with a VPN.

Also, another thing to remember: the S10 series uses the Android operating system. It is among the best because it is easy to use and you can find hundreds of apps in the Google Play Store. However, it is also among the riskiest ones.

VPN technology and how it can help you

A VPN app will help you hide your IP address, which is the element that shows your location online, as well as your traffic, encrypting the information and rerouting it to remote servers, away from Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and their data-logging practices.

The VPN company will help you create a virtual tunnel for your information to travel around the web, protected from the mentioned threats and situations. Each VPN brand manages a list of servers attached to IP addresses from specific countries.

Most importantly, and since VPNs can hide your IP number and lend you a new one for temporary use for the duration of your connection, you can browse the web anonymously, and your privacy will be strengthened. That is why VPNs come recommended for environments in which privacy breaches and data thefts are common.

Things to keep in mind

Content encryption is essential while using your Samsung S10, and a VPN will only help. You can be a victim of Wi-Fi traps, hacking attacks, data theft, privacy violations, surveillance, spying, and other unwanted situations.

And while there are several useful and reliable brands, TorGuard is sure one of the best at protecting users’ content. It implements the military-grade AES 256-bit encryption, which coupled with OpenVPN TCP or UDP (plus a myriad of other protocols,) DNS leak protection, a kill switch, and a strict no-logging policy will make sure your privacy suffers no breaches.

For just $10 per month, TorGuard offers five simultaneous connections,  multiplatform compatibility (including some routers,) 3,000 servers in 55 nations, unlimited speeds and bandwidth, a live chat features, and tons of other features. Additional services include an anonymous proxy, anonymous email, and a privacy bundle. If you want to see why its ranked #1, check out the VPN tier list!

How to set up a Samsung S10 VPN

  • Go to the VPN’s website or the app store of your device/operating system. In the specific case of a VPN for Samsung S10, you need to go to the Google Play Store.
  • Select your preferred pricing plan
  • Proceed with the payment
  • Obtain a username and a password
  • Proceed with the download and setup process
  • Log in to your account with your credentials
  • Connect to any location you want
  • Browse the web in complete anonymity thanks to your Samsung S10 VPN

In conclusion, the Samsung S10 series includes four smartphones: a foldable one, the standard S10, the smaller S10e, and the S10+. All of them are fantastic devices, with cutting-edge technology, but are prone to suffering hacking attacks, Wi-Fi eavesdropping, spying, data theft, cryptojacking, and other issues.

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