How to Setup a VPN on Your Android TV

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If you have your Android TV Box, and you wish to make it safer, as well as give it a wider reach, you are in the right place. In this guide, we will show you how to set your VPN up with the Android TV, as well as how to configure the settings.

All you need to do is install Google Play Store on the Android TV first, and you will easily finish the rest of the process.

But before we go into the instructions, let us talk about VPNs, and see why do you need to use them with your Android TV.

Your actions are being monitored

A lot of people don’t understand just how exposed they are on the internet. Let us forget about the hackers, viruses and malware, and the real, regular dangers.

Are you aware that your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is capable of seeing every online action that you do? And not only that, but they actually record them all. Some do it in order to sell it to advertisers and get extra money. Others are forced by your government. Whatever the case, your online anonymity is an illusion.

However, it doesn’t have to be. And with a VPN, you will easily get it back. Most of the good VPNs won’t monitor your activity at all, and they will provide you with multiple layers of protection. All of this serves only one purpose – to make you safe and anonymous online.

ISPs might throttle your connection

If your ISP has any connection to cable TV, they won’t appreciate you using online streaming services instead of watching TV. This is why they will either try to block these services or to suppress your connection.

Basically, ISPs will try to make you stop using them by making it really annoying to use them. If your video is constantly buffering, stopping, slowing you down, and alike, they expect that you will eventually give up.

With a VPN, you won’t have that sort of problems. VPNs will not bother you like that, and they don’t care what you do online. After all, they are in their own business, and that is providing online protection in exchange for money. What you do under that protection is your own business.

Bypass geo-restrictions

Have you ever tried to access something online, only to get a message saying that this content is not available in your country? This is because of geo-restrictions. Basically, online services and websites only allow IP addresses from certain places to access their content.

When they scan your IP and discover that you don’t belong to the area they are supporting, they will deny you service.

Thanks to their enormous server networks, VPNs can easily bypass such restrictions. All you need to do is connect to a server from a country that has access to the website that you wish to access. You will get a new IP address, and when the website scans you now, it will let you use it as much as you want.

Which VPN should you use?

There are many VPNs out there that can help you out. However, the real trick is finding them. Their popularity is so high these days, that there are hundreds upon hundreds of them. Of course, not all of them are equally good.

Some have a very small number of servers, others have bad encryption or weak protocols. So, choosing the right VPN may mean the difference between real protection and an illusion of one.

And since we are here to explain how to best protect yourself, we recommend using GhostVPN, PIA, TorGuard, or IPVanish. They all have amazing protection, great server networks, multiple protocols, as well as many other features.

You will eliminate any surveillance, as well as multiple other threats, like malicious content, or hacking attacks. And now, all that is left for you to learn is how to combine your VPN and your Android TV Box.

How to Setup a VPN on Your Android TV How to Setup a VPN on Your Android TV
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How to set up VPN with Android TV

Doing this is not that difficult, and all you have to do is follow some easy instructions. A bit of technical knowledge can go a long way, though, so it won’t harm if you already know a thing or two.

This is what you need to do:

  • Create a VPN account
  • Make a free Google Account, because you will need it for signing in Google Play Store
  • Open the Play Store on your Android TV Box, and find VPN’s app
  • Sign into it with your VPN credentials, and finally
  • Change the settings to your preference, choose a server, and connect.


Connecting your Android TV with a VPN will not only allow you to watch even more free content, but it will also make you anonymous and safe. Getting to the real safety is not easy in this day and age, but with a VPN, you can do it.

After choosing which one you wish to use, follow our instructions, and get all the benefits. We highly recommend using one of the providers that we have mentioned, but you are also free to find another one if you so desire. Hopefully, everything will work out, and you will get to enjoy whatever content you wish.

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