Smartphone Security Awareness Key to Preventing “Handheld Hacking”


Almost everyone has a smartphone today. This is hardly a surprise, given the many features that come along with a smartphone. Not only can one talk to anyone or exchange text messages, they can now listen to songs, browse the internet, and managing social media on their smartphones. Added perks are presented to users in the form of mobile applications that offer people services like image scanning, satellite navigation, etc.

The capability of smartphones to handle large amounts of data makes them useful in the business world as well. Although their technology and features have evolved, their security hasn’t as smartphones are vulnerable to Handheld Hacking.

Handheld Hacking

Attackers can use smartphones as network agents and hack them to access the personal data of a user. The heavy dependence of people in all work sectors means that hackers can access all kinds of data from a person’s smartphone. This is called Handheld Hacking. Different methods of handheld hacking include sending a malicious email to a user or infecting his device through a website he or she visits.  

Threats and Consequences

Smartphones are everyone working in an organization. From the lowest level workers to the top managers, everyone has a smartphone in their pockets that they just cannot do without. This reliability on smartphones makes them targets for the attackers looking to access data sensitive to the firm. Massive data and financial loss could easily result as the consequence of such attacks. Phone theft and handheld hacking are the most common forms of compromising of data from smartphones.

The extent of damage caused by compromising of the data depends on how essential and sensitive the data is for the user. Since everyone uses smartphones, everyone’s device is susceptible to handheld hacking. Normal users have the risk of their messages and photographs being compromised while corporate users have the threat of financial and statistical data sensitive to the firm employing them being compromised.

Protecting your Smartphone

There are a many ways you can boost your smart phone’s protection. Here are a few of them:

  • Use a password lock to make it difficult for unauthorized users to gain access to your smartphone. You should set your smartphone so that, if unused, it should automatically lock after some time. Once the phone is locked, it should prompt for a password to be accessed, which is a password pre-set by the user.
  • Regularly update your phone’s operating system. This is important as there might be security fixes or patches that equip your device better against potential threats.
  • Do not install apps from dubious sources.
  • Turn off wireless connectivity services like Bluetooth when not in continuous use as they can be exploited easily.
  • Report lost smartphone as soon as possible to prevent theft of data. The smartphone company can lock your phone remotely to protect it against unauthorized access by the person who has your smartphone.
  • Use a VPN everytime you use the internet on your phone! This is perhaps one of the most important steps! Use the list below to find ouch which VPN to use.

Best VPNs to Protect Smartphone from Hacking?

Smartphone Security Awareness Key to Preventing “Handheld Hacking” Smartphone Security Awareness Key to Preventing “Handheld Hacking”
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The threats your smartphone faces show that it is absolutely vital that you take the necessary precautions to protect your device from handheld hacking. Being aware of the potential threats to your smartphone is the first step in that direction, and that is how we have tried to help you.

Although this article lists out some simple and effective methods to improve your device’s protection against handheld hacking, we urge you to investigate the issue further.

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