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It is that time of the year again, and the famous Glastonbury Music Festival has returned once more. It started on June 21st and it will end on June 25th, which means that there is not much time left for you to witness it. The location is near Pilton, Somerset, and the entire event is broadcasted by BBC iPlayer.

This is one of the most famous music festivals in the world, and each year it only becomes more and more popular. However, many of those interested in visiting this festival just can’t do it. Reasons are many, but they are not important, what matters it to witness this event in any way you can.

As mentioned, those from the UK can watch it on BBC. Unfortunately for all the rest, that is simply not possible. The UK likes keeping their channels and programs private and only allows them on their own territory. If you live in some other country in Europe, or somewhere else in the world, you can’t get access to these programs.

But don’t despair, since the Internet has come up with a solution to this problem as well, and we found a way to bypass these restrictions. No matter where you live, or what device you choose to watch this event on, all you need is a good, fast VPN. So keep reading, and before you know it, we will explain how you can gain access to the festival.

Use a VPN to watch Glastonbury 2017 for free

Watching Glastonbury on your computer or smartphone is not the same as being there, but it is definitely the next best thing. Missing it is a great loss because this festival is truly something to see. However, you can’t watch it on BBC iPlayer if you live outside of the UK, and the reason for this is geo-restrictions.

Basically, BBC’s website bans all of the IP addresses that don’t belong to the UK’s ISPs. Because of it, no matter where in the world you are, the iPlayer won’t work for you. Still, with the right tools, you can bypass this block.

All you need is a VPN, and the restrictions can be bypassed. This works because VPNs have servers all around the world, and some of them are on the UK’s territory too. When you use a VPN, you can choose which server to connect to. By connecting to the one in the UK, you will get a local IP address, and BBC’s website will think that you are a legitimate visitor.

So, what is it that you need to do?

Well, first of all, you need to choose which provider do you want to use. There are literally hundreds of them out there, and so choosing a good one is a very important step. We recommend GhostVPN, IPVanish, TorGuard, or Private Internet Access. These ones are among the best, and they are very affordable as well.

Stream Glastonbury 2017 Live Online for Free Stream Glastonbury 2017 Live Online for Free
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No matter which one of them you choose, you will be safe and anonymous. But more importantly, they all have servers in the UK, which means that they can all let you access BBC iPlayer. You can set up a VPN, as well as create your account on the iPlayer by following these instructions:

1. Go to the website of your chosen VPN
2. Sign up, and then download and install its app
3. Launch the app and log into it
4. Choose a server in the UK
5. Go to BBC iPlayer
6. Sign up there as well, and fill out the form
7. You are now free to watch anything you want

And even when Glastonbury ends, your VPN account will remain. With it, you can access pretty much any and all geo-restricted services in the world. Simply find the right server, and all of it is yours. Also, some VPNs let you have several simultaneous connections. That means that you can protect your phone, computer, and any other device as well, all at the same time and with a single profile.

Use a SmartDNS to watch Glastonbury 2017 for free

Another way to access Glastonbury for free is to use a SmartDNS. It is an alternative to a VPN, but it doesn’t allow you nearly as much. Also, it doesn’t protect you at all. It can, however, allow you access to the BBC iPlayer, but at your own risk. If you live in a country that doesn’t support these methods, VPN will protect you from detection. SmartDNS won’t.

If you still wish to use it, it is compatible with multiple devices, but it doesn’t change your IP. Instead, it partially redirects your traffic, which in turn unblocks geo-restricted content to some extent.

You can use a tool called Unlocator to get access. It offers a 7-day free trial, which is more than enough time for finishing Glastonbury.

Which devices are compatible with the iPlayer

In case you were wondering which devices you can use for streaming Glastonbury on BBC iPlayer, you should be happy to know that it supports pretty much anything that you can think of. Here is a list of them, so check it out for yourself:

– Mac
– PC
– Xbox
– PS3/PS4
– Chromecast
– Amazon Fire TV
– Apple TV 4
– Sony Smart TV
– Now TV
– Samsung Smart TV
– LG Smart TV
– iPad
– iPhone
– Android
– Roku


If you didn’t know how to access this year’s Glastonbury live stream until now, it is high time that you try out our methods. You may have missed the beginning, but you can still see the end. And the endings of festivals should never be missed.

We recommend using a VPN for your own safety, but a choice of the method you will use is yours, as always. Cheer for your favorite band or singer, and enjoy the festival.

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