Enhance Your Privacy and Avoid Italian Data Retention Laws with a VPN

As it happens with Russia and China, and most recently with Sweden and the United Kingdom, the Italian Senate prepared a rigorous data retention law for Internet Service Providers (ISP) and telecommunication companies functioning in the country. The subject is the reason for a fierce debate, with the Italian Senate and the European Union (EU), most specifically the Court of Justice of the EU, as t...[Read More]

How to Use US Netflix in Italy

NETFLIX Italy has added 25 films since the New Year. That’s less than it’s removed from the website and less than half than the additions to its American counterpart. In total, Italy has less than one-fifth the catalog size of NETFLIX US. It is no wonder that an Italian subscriber, or anyone traveling abroad, would want access to NETFLIX US. NETFLIX and similar streaming sites like Amazon and Hulu...[Read More]

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