Best VPNs to Unblock YouTube Videos at School

Academic institutions usually put restrictions on their networks that prevent users from accessing certain websites. This is done with the goal of preventing students from wasting their time when they’re supposed to be studying or paying attention to a class. It’s also not uncommon to have YouTube in the list of blocked websites, after all a big part of its content is not really academically valua...[Read More]

Delete Your History from YouTube

YouTube’s search history can be a very useful tool if you’re a forgetful person. It can help you find videos if you can’t remember their titles. However, your watch and search history can be used by the site for many things as well. The first thing that comes to mind are perhaps the recommendations on the homepage, but what you probably don’t know is that your YouTube history is also used to profi...[Read More]

5 Best VPNs to Unblock Wi-Fi at School

It’s a common thing among academic institutions to put some level of restriction over the websites that can be accessed using their Wi-Fi network. Whether you’re in high school, college or any other level of education, these institutions only want to prevent you from losing your focus when you’re supposed to be learning something or doing some classwork. The problem with this kind of blockage is t...[Read More]

Bypass School Internet Security Restrictions 2

Most modern schools have access to computers and related devices. In recent times, it is a must for educational institutions to have these machines up and running, because they are necessary to impart several lessons and subjects. Classes and lessons have become highly digital and interactive, and personal computers with Internet access are now part of the learning process of students at different...[Read More]

2017-01-26 14_41_29-811px x 401px – Unblock Netflix Proxy Error

Netflix is typically blocked at schools because colleges believe it is something that could distract students from their studies. Some schools feel as though their campuses need to be professional. There are also concerns from those places over how some students might drop all their responsibilities and be stuck watching Netflix stuff all day long. Netflix is often blocked through the use of a fir...[Read More]


Ah yes, the dreaded Fortinet–a company that controls the way the internet is used in companies and schools. System admins use Fortinet to block malicious or provocative content–or even content that could waste work time like Reddit, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. Schools, hospitals, universities, and companies love Fortinet, but that doesn’t mean you have to. In fact, with the power o...[Read More]

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Whether you’re just about to enter college at USC, or it’s your fourth year at Harvard or Stanford, or even if you’re just in high school, you should be using a VPN. VPN stands for virtual private network, and as you’ll come to find out, they are very useful. What is a VPN? VPNs are security tools used among businessmen, everyday internet users, and yes–even students! A VPN works by sending ...[Read More]

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