VPN.com Review

Good / Cool domain name.

Bad / IP leaks, expensive, bare bones app, aggressive logging policies.

Verdict / VPN.com might be the worst VPN I’ve ever reviewed! This is what NOT to do!

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Intro to VPN.com Review

VPN.com is a serious domain play. The guy apparently spent a couple million buying the domain in hopes to jump on the growing VPN train. The question is, is this just a gimmick play, or is the domain worth the name? In this detailed VPN.com review, I’ll give a overview of features to help you decide if it’s worth the purchase.


Review VPN.com is not cheap. Whereas most standard VPN prices start around $9.99 or so a month, VPN.com is $12. The 6 month plan is $60, and the yearly plan is $72. Private Internet Access, for example, is $39.95, and TorGuard is only $29.99 per 6 months. So VPN.com is not doing anyone favors with this pricing model. It better be good right?

Lastly, they only support credit cards, no Bitcoin or other payment options like Paypal which is a bit sad. Check out this article if you want a VPN that supports gift cards!


Review VPN.com’s app is extremely simple–to a fault. Don’t expect configurations or much settings at all to deepen and further secure your network.

Thankfully, you can use the same login credentials you made on the website, and once you get in, you don’t have too many confusing options or interfaces to deal with. You can pick a server, connect, and change the encryption from 128 to 256. That’s really it. The app also has “DNS Leak” protection, but using the app seemed worthless. My IP was leaking all over the place with the recommended server.

I got some better results testing a different server, but even then, my IP was still leaking.

Features I would like to see implemented would be: dedicated IP address integration, script support, proxy support, more app controls, stealth VPN, protocol options, account controls, and kill switches.

Speeds + Security Test

During my speed tests, it seemed like the VPN was not working, since my IP was not hidden and the speeds were unchanged. Something must be wrong with the encryption or servers.

Customer Service

The website does have live chat, but no one answered my question, and it didn’t seem very active.

Privacy Policy

Review The privacy policy is rift with bad logging procedures and overactive collection of user data. This makes me wonder if VPN.com is just some sort of front for collecting user data and selling it? Maybe they just expect everyone to use the free trial and not actually buy the app, so they can sell that data?

Whatever the case, they collect your IP and information used during sessions. So privacy advocates, beware!

Extra Features?

The website barely works, and there aren’t any features besides the Mac and Windows App. Other VPNs that get my praise for “extra features” include features like Stealth VPN, 5 simultaneous connections, browser proxies, company sold VPN routers, encrypted email, Netflix support, China support, mobile app, forum community, helpful content on the blog, and more.

VPN.com Review Conclusion

VPN.com might be the worst VPN I’ve ever reviewed. I have never seen so many IP leaks, expensive pricing, and bad logging policies rolled into one VPN provider as I have today. STAY AWAY!


  • Good domain


  • Logging like a log mill
  • No security
  • Live chat unresponsive
  • Deceptive advertising on website "forbes?"
  • Broken website links
  • Expensive
  • No BTC options


Pricing - 1
Software - 1
Mobile Software - 1
Extra Services - 1
Website - 1
Servers - 1
Privacy - 1
Speeds - 1
Support - 1
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