Watch Black Monday Online from Anywhere with a VPN?

watch Black Monday online

A sizable portion of the film industry, whether we are talking about producers, directors, cameramen, investors, actors, and fans, love the idea of a production based on real events. It makes us wonder what it would be like to experience a historical situation of relevance. We fantasize wondering what we would have done if we were in those spots or scenarios.

The 1987 world famous stock market crash is known in the financial world, and in pop culture as the Black Monday. That series of events changed the economic landscape for quite some time, and it holds a special place in history because of its repercussions in several fields.

The Showtime network started, back in January, to broadcast one of the hottest series of the moments, named Black Monday and based loosely in the events that took place in 1987 in Wall Street. It has been one of the most awaited productions of 2019 and is worth your time.

However, and since Showtime is an American network, watching its shows from outside is a tough proposition if you are not implementing a location spoofing tool. To allow access, Showtime needs to see you are connecting with an American IP address, but if you are in a different country, you won’t have one.

However, a VPN service provider will allow you to mask your real, non-American IP address and get a US-based one with the intention to watch Black Monday online on Showtime outside the USA, or any other show from the famous network.

How to watch Showtime from anywhere with a VPN

Pick a VPN!VPNPrice for 1 month subSite RatingBuy Now
Best VPNWatch Black Monday Online from Anywhere with a VPN? $5 a month (code "best10VPN")9.9
Watch Black Monday Online from Anywhere with a VPN?

Good VPNWatch Black Monday Online from Anywhere with a VPN? $9 a month8.9
Watch Black Monday Online from Anywhere with a VPN?

Decent VPNWatch Black Monday Online from Anywhere with a VPN? $6.95 a month8.8
Watch Black Monday Online from Anywhere with a VPN?

Due to geo-blocking restrictions, Showtime is only available in the United States, and connection requests from abroad will most likely result in the system showing a message saying that the content can’t be seen in your location.

However, you can circumvent the blocking if you find the way to hide your foreign IP address and find an American one, even if it is just for temporary use. With a Virtual Private Network (VPN) you will be able to achieve that and more.

VPNs are online encryption and content protection tools that can hide your IP address and shared traffic as a way of keeping your content, identity, and privacy protected from hundreds of malicious or threatening agents present on the web.

Using a VPN will make sure that sites around the web don’t see your real IP address, but instead, they will recognize one that the VPN brand will lend you. And the best part is that you get to choose where to “connect” from!

VPN technology creates, through the implementation of protocols, a virtual tunnel for your location information and shared online traffic to travel, outside of the reach of data-logging Internet Service Providers, geo-blocking measures, surveillance agencies, targeted advertising, hackers, malware developers, copyright trolls, and more.

VPN apps position themselves between you (the user) and the Internet, managing your connection requests. They receive them, hide your information, and send them over the web under a different IP address.

How to watch Black Monday online with VPN technology

  • Select a VPN with servers in the United States
  • Go to that VPN’s website
  • Pick your preferred plan
  • Register for the service by providing a payment method and some personal information
  • Create a username and a password
  • Download and install the VPN app or client on your device
  • Launch the VPN app
  • Sign in to your VPN account
  • Connect to an American VPN server
  • Open Showtime’s streaming platform
  • Watch Black Monday online with a VPN

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TorGuard, the best VPN for streaming

Watch Black Monday Online from Anywhere with a VPN?

If you want to watch Black Monday online from anywhere, even from outside the United States, you need a reliable VPN brand with fast speeds and servers in the American area. TorGuard fulfills those requirements, and then some.

It has more than 3,000 total servers in 55 nations, including lots of American IP addresses. It is speedy, with a no-logging policy and reliable encryption (AES 256-bit.) TorGuard has several protocols available, including the industry-standard OpenVPN, and is compatible with multiple platforms.

Watching Showtime from anywhere is possible thanks to TorGuard. For only $10 per month, you also get five simultaneous connections, a kill switch, DNS leak protection, and the best customer service staff in the field.

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Black Monday: Showtime’s latest hit

Showtime is considered a “dramedy,” which is a term to refer to a combination of the drama and comedy genres. The show premiered on January 20, 2019, after weeks of high expectations given the historical context at hand and the quality of the cast.

The series is based on the events of the real Black Monday, the day in which the worst stock market crash of Wall Street took place. The date of that event was October 19, 1987, almost two years ago. In the production, we get to enjoy the story of a group of outsiders who ended up crashing the planet’s most prominent financial system… and other things, as well.

To this day, the specific cause of the stock market crash is unknown. In “Black Monday,” we get to enjoy the talents of the leading actor, Don Cheadle, who is a Golden Globe-winning performer, as well as other renowned personalities of the big and little screens, such as Andrew Rannells (two-time Tony Award nominee and Grammy winner,) and Regina Hall.

The series is well-produced, directed, and acted, with a clever premise, lots of entertaining moments, and a top-notch cast that is sure to keep fans around the world captivated at all times. Black Monday was one of the most anticipated shows of the year, and so far it has delivered.

The series was created by David Caspe and Jordan Cahan and is broadcast on Showtime. It follows the steps of employees of the second-tier Wall Street trading firm The Jammer Group one year before the “Black Monday.”

Main characters

  • Don Cheadle as Maurice Monroe
  • Andrew Rannells as Blair Pfaff
  • Regina Hall as Dawn Darcy
  • Paul Scheer as Keith

Recurring characters

  • Yassir Lester as Yassir X
  • Kurt Braunohler as Ty Daverman
  • Eugene Cordero as Ronnie
  • Kadeem Hardison as Spencer
  • Casey Wilson as Tiff Georgina

Guest characters

  • Ken Marino as Larry and Lenny Lehman (“365”)
  • Phil Reeves (“365”)
  • Julie Hagerty as Jackie Georgina (“365”)
  • Michael James Scott as Chad (“365”)
  • Hugh Dane as Calvin (“365”)
  • Horatio Sanz as Wayne (“364”)
  • Paul Rust as Brandt (“364”)
  • Teresa Ganzel as Trisha (“364”)
  • Jackie Torres as Cleaning Lady (“364”)
  • Bruce Dern as Rod
  • Melissa Rauch as Shira
  • Vanessa Bell Calloway as Ruth
  • Tim Russ as Walter
  • Jason Michael Snow as Mike

The Showtime network

Showtime is a worldwide famous TV network from the United States of America, launched on July 1, 1976, and owned by Showtime Networks, of the CBS Corporation. It provides all kinds of shows through cable, satellite, and online streaming platforms.

The network shows made-for-TV movies, mixed martial arts bouts, films, series, and stand-up comedy specials, among other productions. It has eight multiplex channels in the United States and is available to 29.7 million households in the U.S.


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