Watch Dancing on Ice Live Online with a VPN

Dancing on Ice Live Online

Television is more than just watching the news! With each passing year, more and more entertainment options are added to channels’ grids. Thankfully, we have full access to movies, documentaries, TV series, and talent shows, among other types of content and productions.

British television is among the most entertaining in the world. The country hosts dozens of clever productions, singing competitions, reality TV experiences, and even talent contents, such as the beloved Dancing on Ice. You can watch the show live online in 2019, with Series 11 already underway.

Since the show is aired in ITV, one of the UK’s most famous channels, British people can enjoy Dancing on Ice without restrictions via terrestrial television, cable, satellite, and even online streaming, thanks to the network’s platform. However, watching the show is a little more complicated for people living abroad.

Since geo-blocking restrictions apply in ITV’s streaming service, Dancing on Ice is not available in foreign locations. However, with the use of a location-spoofing app like a VPN, you can watch the show wherever you are. In this article, we will explain everything you need to know.

VPN: the world’s most versatile key

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Watch Dancing on Ice Live Online with a VPN

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Watch Dancing on Ice Live Online with a VPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Networks. They are online resources that let users encrypt their shared traffic and IP address (the element that shows its location and identity) so that they can be protected from dangerous agents present on the web, such as hackers, cybercriminals, malware developers, and crypto miners. They can also safeguard the person from potentially disadvantageous situations, such as geo-blocking, censorship, targeted advertising, surveillance, and law enforcement agencies.

These services use protocols (such as OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec, to name a couple) to create a virtual tunnel for your information to pass through. It will travel to remote servers, away from those managed by your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Since ISPs are known for their data-logging and sharing practices (a very inconvenient setting for privacy,) VPNs will replace them as the agents managing the user’s connection requests. The VPN app is positioned between the subscriber and the broader network (the Internet,) a place from which it will receive its petitions and send them over the web under a different IP address.

How does a VPN help you watch the 2019 season of Dancing on Ice live online? Because it can hide your foreign IP address and lend you a British one, letting you unblock ITV and all of its shows.

How to watch Dancing on Ice 2019 live online

  • Select a VPN with servers in the UK area
  • Go to that VPN’s website
  • Register for the VPN service, right after you select your preferred plan
  • Create a username and a password
  • Download the VPN app or client compatible with your device
  • Launch the VPN app
  • Sign in to your VPN account
  • Connect to a British server to obtain a UK-based IP address
  • Open the ITV streaming platform
  • Look for Dancing on Ice and watch the episode you want

Visit TorGuard

TorGuard, the best VPN to watch Dancing on Ice 2019 live online

The VPN market is full of options to unblock content. However, there is a lot of mediocrity in the industry, and you should know how to choose the best alternatives. For the mission at hand, TorGuard is arguably the most efficient choice.

With more than 3,000 servers in 55 nations (including several in the UK area) TorGuard has all the tools you need, plus excellent speeds, robust AES 256-bit encryption, a no-logging privacy policy, top-notch security tools, and the best customer service staff in the industry.

In conclusion, to successfully watch the 2019 edition of Dancing on Ice live online from anywhere, you need to implement a VPN, since you are going to need to spoof your location if you aren’t in the UK.

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Dancing on Ice: the greatest figure skating show in the UK area

Dancing on Ice is one of Britain’s most popular skills and talent shows, consisting on an impressive roster of celebrities, along with professional partners, practicing figure skating in front of judges that will rate their performance.

Phillip Schonfield and Holly Willoughby presented the show from 2006 to 2011, with Christine Lampard taking over from 2012 to 2014. After its contract wasn’t renewed by ITV, the show experienced a hiatus. However, it came back after a reinvention in 2018. The show’s 11th series is now being contested and was premiered on January 6th, 2019.

Robin Cousins, Karen Barber, Jason Gardiner, Karen Kresge, Nicky Slater, Natalia Bestemianova, Ruthie Henshall, Emma Bunton, Louie Spence, Katarina Witt, Ashley Roberts, Christopher Dean, Jayne Torvill, and Ashley Banjo are the judges.

The format dictates that each week, celebrities and their partners perform a live dancing routine on ice in front of the judges and millions of TV viewers. The “Ice Panel” will grade their performance on a scale of 0.0 to 10.0, and the results will create a leaderboard. The vote of the audience, together with the judge’s scores, will determine the lowest placed tandem.

The two lowest placed couples will try to avoid elimination in a “Skate Off.” The judges will score their second routine, and the loser will go home while the winner stays in the competition. The process is repeated week after week until there is a victor.

Past winners:

  • Series 1 (2006): Gaynor Faye (actress) paired with professional Daniel Whiston
  • Series 2 (2007): Kyran Bracken (rugby player) paired with professional Melanie Lambert
  • Series 3 (2008): Suzanne Shaw (singer) paired with professional Matt Evers
  • Series 4 (2009): Ray Quinn (singer and actor) paired with professional Maria Filippov
  • Series 5 (2010): Hayley Tamaddon (actress) paired with professional Daniel Whiston
  • Series 6 (2011): Sam Attwater (actor) paired with professional Brianne Delcourt
  • Series 7 (2012): Matthew Wolfenden (actor) paired with professional Nina Ulanova
  • Series 8 (2013): Beth Tweddle (Olympic gymnast) paired with professional Daniel Whiston
  • Series 9 (2014): Ray Quinn (Series 4 – 1st) paired with professional Maria Filippov
  • Series 10 (2018): Jake Quickenden (singer & Reality TV star) paired with professional Vanessa Bauer

Skaters for Series 11 (2019)

  • Alexander Demetrio (Melody Thornton)
  • Brandee Malto (Ryan Sidebottom)
  • Lukasz Rozycki (Didi Conn)
  • Alex Murphy (Brian McFadden)
  • Brianne Delcourt (Mark Little)
  • Vanessa Bauer (Wes Nelson)
  • Sylvain Longchambon (Jane Danson)
  • Hamish Gaman (Saara Aalto)
  • Matt Evers (Gemma Collins)
  • Mark Hanretty (Saira Khan)
  • Carlotta Edwards (Richard Blackwood)
  • Alexandra Schauman (James Jordan)

Watch Dancing on Ice live online in 2019

If you are in the UK and want to watch Dancing on Ice live online in the 2019 season (Series 11,) you will experience no issues. Problems would appear if you are abroad: because of geo-blocking restrictions, people not physically in Great Britain won’t be able to open ITV.

Most streaming platforms and services work that way: after all, they produce content in a specific location and with that target audience in mind, and showing the material internationally may not be in concordance with studios and production companies’ ideas.

However, there is a workaround for this issue, one that may provide you with the chance to watch Dancing on Ice 2019 live online from anywhere: with a VPN service, you will be able to spoof your location and make the system believe you are in the UK, effectively unblocking ITV and all British online channels.

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