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Let’s be honest: who among us didn’t grow up surrounded by superheroes? Batman, Superman, and many others filled our childhood with joy and happiness, as we stood (or sat) amazed at their accomplishments on the big or little screen.

And, as a matter of fact, adults like them, too! The DC Franchise has worked hard to provide content for all audiences and age groups, so nobody is left out of the fun. There is nothing wrong with being a fan of these beloved characters, no matter how old you are.

Now, to unblock and watch all DC Universe content in your location, you may need some outside help. The reason is that the brand-new streaming platform dedicated to the franchise, which is the DC Universe, is restricted to American audiences only.

That sounds like a bummer, as the brand, just like Marvel, has managed to build a very sizable international community of fans. However, don’t panic! There are ways to unblock and watch DC Universe outside of the United States, and we will discuss them in this article.

The DC Universe: where the fun begins

The DC Universe (DCU) refers to the fictional “shared” environment in which the majority of American comic book titles that have been published by the brand DC Comics happen. Some of the most widely known characters are Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor, the Joker, Darkseid, and more.

Now, there is another word related to DC Comics and the whole franchise in general, which is “DC Multiverse,” which is the collection of all continuities within DC Comics’ publications. That is because several characters appear on distinct films and comic books, and they all keep their name and interact in the “Multiverse.”

DC Universe began as a series of comic books, but migrated to the big and little screens in no time, garnering the attention of millions of fans around the world. Now, the franchise has launched DC Universe, its proprietary streaming platform, in September 2018.

The DC Universe entertainment platform contains all the DC-related content you need to watch, with exclusive access to shows and characters that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

The only issue is that the channel is blocked outside of the United States of America. The DC Franchise prefers to limit access to the shows only to local audiences, to better keep track of managing and monitoring the safety of the footage. That way, they can better control copyright-related issues.

It is a shame because DC Universe is truly a one of a kind platform in which fans can enjoy the best films, TV shows, digital comic books, forums and comment sections related to their favorite characters and comics.

The DC Universe platform is just as your average streaming library, only with dedicated DC franchise content. It is a fan’s dream. But how can international followers unblock and watch DC Universe outside of America?

Unblocking and watching DC Universe outside of America

The United States is the country in which the DC Universe was created and developed. We have to thank them! The franchise is so big that it is known in virtually every country in the world. There are millions of dedicated fans spread around the globe.

To unblock and watch DC Universe, you could implement a web proxy, alter your DNS settings, or even hire a Smart DNS proxy service. They can all work depending on the circumstances, but none of them are quite as efficient as VPN technology.

VPNs, or Virtual Private Networks, are resources present online, offered by online security and privacy-driven brands. They can encrypt the user’s content from end to end, rerouting the information to remote servers administrated by the company itself.

That is made to prevent Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and their servers from performing their data-logging practices, which can result in substantial privacy violations. With VPN technology, the information shall travel around dedicated servers to protect not only the person’s traffic but also his identity and location, shown by its IP address.

VPNs are mainly privacy tools, but since they can hide your IP and content from hackers, cybercriminals, malware developers, crypto miners, copyright trolls, surveillance agencies, targeted advertisers, and other elements or situations, it is also a good bet for security.

Select your place!

And, the best part is that VPN brands manage a long list of servers attached to other countries’ IP addresses. If you connect to one of them, you will hide your IP number and obtain one from the nation you select, effectively unblocking all content, pages, and streaming platforms from that area.

For example, if you are in a whole different continent, and you want to unblock and watch the DC Universe streaming platform, all you need to do is hire a VPN provider that manages servers in the USA. Connect to one of them, and you will disguise your location, tricking the system into thinking you are actually in American soil. That way, it will allow access!

To unblock and watch DC Universe outside of the USA, TorGuard is widely recognized among the best and most efficient VPN brands. After all, it manages more than 3,000 servers worldwide, spread around in 55 nations, which means plenty of locations to watch content in! If you want to see why its ranked #1, check out the VPN tier list!

TorGuard specializes in streaming: it has excellent speeds, a SOCKS5 proxy that can be obtained as a separate service, it can be installed on multiple devices and operating systems (even some routers,) and has servers in that many places. However, it is also quite good at protecting the user’s content, with a strict no-logging policy, DNS leak protection, a kill switch, OpenVPN, and many more offerings. For $10 per month, you get those traits plus fantastic customer service, not to mention the chance of setting the VPN connection in five devices simultaneously.

How to unblock and watch DC Universe

  • Choose a VPN with servers in America
  • Go to its website or obtain the app in your app store
  • Select a pricing plan
  • Proceed with the payment
  • Create a username and a password
  • Launch the VPN client or app
  • Establish a connection to any American server
  • Go to the DC Universe platform, and now, the content will be available.

In conclusion, to unblock DC Universe platform, which is amazing by the way, you need to disguise your foreign IP address. A VPN app will help you do that and obtain an American one for temporary use while you enjoy the most exciting superheroes, villains, and much more on the world’s best dedicated “universe.”

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