What Should You Look for in a VPN?

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VPN technology is very diverse, as are the dozens of brands currently populating the market. There are options for everybody and for every need, and that is why you need to ask yourself: what am I looking for in a VPN? Here are the most commonly sought-after traits:


For some people, it is the most important aspect at the moment of looking for a VPN. You may want an option that is highly ranked in the tier list (one from the Tier 1 or Tier 2, for example,) but maybe you can’t afford it.

TorGuard, at $10 per month, has a fair price considering all the offerings, and that is why it is the only brand in the God Tier at VPN Tier List. Private Internet Access, on Tier 2, is a very affordable VPN company at $6.95 per month.

Security and privacy

You want a VPN brand that can protect your traffic and identity, not leak them. The latter scenario may result in geo-blocking, ISP throttling, and even legal trouble if you get caught torrenting in specific locations, for example.

You want a VPN with AES 256-bit encryption, OpenVPN (plus other protocols,) and strict no-logging policy. In the tier list, you may find several options that fulfill those requirements, namely TorGuard (God Tier,) ExpressVPN (Tier 3,) PIA (Tier 1,) and IPVanish (Tier 2.)


If you are going to pay between $6 and $15 per month depending on the brand you choose, you will want your brand to have several traits, features, and offerings. Look for options with DNS leak protection (nearly all of the VPNs in the tier list at VPN tier list) split tunneling (ExpressVPN,) NAT Firewall, a SOCKS5 proxy (TorGuard and IPVanish,) a kill switch, double VPN (NordVPN, at Tier 4,) and others.


In the tier list, you will find several VPNs with varying levels of speeds. Obviously, you want a VPN that doesn’t slow down your Internet connection so much, avoids buffering at the moment of streaming and guarantees excellent upload and download times. TorGuard, at the God Tier, is particularly fast.

Server network

The more servers a VPN has, the more options you have to switch around searching for the best speeds and performance. You should be looking for a VPN brand that has, at the very least, a thousand servers, like most of the alternatives in the VPN tier list at VPN Tier List. The number of countries is also crucial because if the company has servers in lots of nations, it would mean that a particular brand will help you unblock content in more locations.

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