Learn How to Watch American Netflix on Smart TV outside USA

Netflix on Smart TV outside USA

Netflix has become arguably the most famous and sought online streaming multimedia company in the United States of America, with its fame and services extending to several places worldwide.

Thousands of movies from all genres, the hottest TV series, and the finest documental features are available in this outlet. You just have to get a paid subscription and select your favorite content to enjoy the benefits of a home theater.

However, if you want to watch features in Netflix USA and you are not present in the country, you will find that it is not available because of your by geographical zone, so you will not be able to stream your way out of boredom. But do not get desperate: there are ways to watch American Netflix on Smart TV outside USA.

A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, will allow you to eliminate geo-blocking from American Netflix, so you can reap the benefits of having an American account and watch movies or TV shows. A DNS proxy server has a similar effect but works differently.

A little bit about Netflix

Netflix is an entertainment multimedia center founded 20 years ago by Reed Hastings and Mark Randolph in California. Its main feature is to project online streaming media options for its millions of users around the planet.

It functions with a paid monthly subscription, and it has some of the best TV series available like The Walking Dead, Two and a Half Men, Friends, Big Little Lies, The Big Bang Theory, Heroes, House of Cards, the Good Place, the Confession tapes, and much more. New and classic movies are also available on Netflix.

The company functioned as a rental and sales place for movies and series for almost ten years, and they introduced online streaming in 2007 as a result of changing times and modification in the way people watched films and series.

With millions of subscribers around the world, Netflix is today, one of the leading companies in online streaming media and entertainment.

What is a Smart TV?

A Smart TV is any flat screen television device that can be configured to have access to the Internet. Smart TVs often take the best of each mode and offer online streaming alternatives such as Netflix and Youtube already incorporate in the TV.

Netflix can function in several types or brands of Smart TV. Some of them are sharp, webOS, LG HDTV, Sony Bravia, Samsung Smart TV, Panasonic (Viera Cast Functionality), Vizio, Philips and Google TV.

What is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is a tool that allows the user to remain “incognito” when he, or she, searches and browses the web. What it does is that it encrypts all of your data and traffic and protects it from possible “intruders” in your online experience.

These “intruders” can be advertising companies with annoying daily messages, governmental institutions looking to collect data from you, malicious hackers out there that may want to infect your archives or internet service providers.

A VPN will take your IP address and hide it so web pages cannot see where you are coming from. This tool is especially helpful if you want to avoid geographical and location controls imposed by some pages and streaming sites, Netflix being one of them.

Benefits of VPN

Choosing a VPN to watch American Netflix on Smart TV outside USA over alternatives such as DNS proxy has its benefits. Some of them are:

  • A safer connection, because the VPN will encrypt all your data and traffic.
  • Internet anonymity: your IP address will remain a mystery for third parties.
  • Online streaming in sites all around the world.
  • Geo-blocking will not work in almost any case.
  • Security measures of some servers and websites, such as DNS Hijacking, will affect DNS proxy servers but not VPN.

How to watch American Netflix on Smart TV outside USA with VPN

If you hire the services of a reliable VPN server provider, you will have the keys to entertainment because you can now access not only American Netflix, but a myriad of other options. For example, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, Sky News, BBC, Fox Sports, NBA, NBC, ABC, NFL, NHL, Star Sports and many other channels will be available in the US, United Kingdom, India, France, Japan, Germany, Spain and wherever you are.

Using VPN to watch American Netflix on Smart TV outside USA is very simple. You just have to:

  • Acquire the services of a quality VPN.
  • Download and install the VPN app or service in your device.
  • Execute the VPN app and later sign in with your VPN information.
  • Find an American VPN and connect your device to it.
  • Open Netflix website or launch the app if you are on a mobile device.
  • Watch the best series and movies with your device and a Smart TV.

Best VPN options

TorGuard is the leader in the market when it comes to VPN. No brand will make you feel safer in your online ventures, and for a small price, TorGuard makes sure to encrypt all your data and maintain a good Internet speed connection. Other options are PIA and IPVanish.

Learn How to Watch American Netflix on Smart TV outside USA  Learn How to Watch American Netflix on Smart TV outside USA  Learn How to Watch American Netflix on Smart TV outside USA
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What is a DNS proxy server?

Every website in the world can have access to the geographical part of any visitor’s information, like a personalized code. A DNS proxy is a system that allows a user to reroute this part of the “nametag” and mask it so pages cannot track the visitor.

The system can work just as well as a VPN server in helping you remain a mystery for Netflix servers trying to identify your IP address and, thus, your location. If you are not physically in the United States and do not use a VPN or a DNS, you will not be able to jump the geo-blocking of the site and channels, movies, series and shows will be off limits.

Take in consideration that DNS proxy servers cannot dodge some security protocols or systems that webpages set up as barriers, like DNS Hijacking.

Benefits of a DNS proxy server

A DNS proxy server will have a similar effect in your online identity than a VPN server, which is to mask it from servers and websites so they cannot discover it. However, the process involving this conversion takes place differently than if you implement a VPN.

Some users prefer to set up a DNS proxy server because:

  • It will not “lag” your internet connection, whereas a VPN can decrease speed in 10-15% of the capacity.
  • Possible errors are checked automatically by the system.
  • An added sensation of privacy and security while browsing the web.
  • It is easy to set up, use and maintain.

How to watch American Netflix on Smart TV outside USA with a DNS proxy server

Learn How to Watch American Netflix on Smart TV outside USA

To successfully watch American Netflix on Smart TV abroad with a DNS proxy server you just have to:

  • Get the services of a quality DNS and:
  • Configure it on your device.
  • Done! You will be able to watch content on Netflix without the same security sensation as with a VPN, but with no Internet speed reduction.

Best DNS options

Unlocator is one of the top options available in this department.

In conclusion, do not get depressed if you are outside the United States of America and dearly miss Netflix and all of its entertainment alternatives. There are ways to get American Netflix if you are abroad, thanks to VPN and DNS.

To be able to stream the episodes of your favorite TV series or the latest movies in the cinemas, you cannot get caught as a user with a foreign IP address by the system.

It is because of this that a VPN server or a DNS proxy server can be your best friends because they will prevent American Netflix to know your real and actual IP address, thus eliminating the geo-blocking that restricts you from watching the best content Netflix has to offer to its viewers and users.

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