VPN for Netflix in 2018

There is no discussion: Netflix is the most extensive online streaming library in the world. In the market since 1997 and reinvented in 2007, this platform to watch all kinds of movies, series, shows, documentaries and other productions is obtainable in 190 countries around the world. Netflix works with countries and regions, and each one has a different library of shows and movies, according to l...[Read More]

How to Use TorGuard VPN with Netflix

The Netflix proxy error has been alive and well since the beginning of 2016, when Reed Hastings decided to put a stop to proxy users getting around licensed geo-restrictions. Previously, all a user had to do was use any proxy or VPN (that gave good enough speeds) to change their IP to a US IP to get the US library of content. Now in 2017, it’s not that simple. The good news is that it seems ...[Read More]

US Netflix in Argentina

With the pace of life quickly accelerating, people work more and more every year to be able to provide their families and live with a certain amount of dignity. However, there needs to be a space in the busy calendar for a time of relaxation and leisure. The trend marking our days is that people go to their gadgets and devices to look for services, websites or pages that provide entertainment toge...[Read More]

The Defenders

Netflix, since its transformation from a movie and series rental place to an online media streaming platform, is firmly entrenched as the top entertainment option for people with a smartphone, tablet, or personal computer and access to a good, fast internet connection. The service has movies, series, documentaries, short films, animated features, and other types of productions for all genres: come...[Read More]

Here’s How to Access Netflix from Other Countries

For several years now, online streaming is the best and most heavily sought-after entertainment routine. People in every corner of the world are continually looking for leisure and relax by watching their favorite TV show, Hollywood’s latest movies, the hottest series, inspiring documentaries about almost any subject, and more. One of the most complete and famous online libraries is Netflix....[Read More]

Netflix Proxy Error? Here are VPNs That Still Work

Update on Netflix Proxy Error 2018 We’ve been doing a large amount of testing and listening to VPN users on social media as well as talking to customer live chat agents from various VPN providers. It’s been nearly two years now since Netflix starting the Netflix Proxy Error crusade! If you’re reading this, chances are that you have encountered the following Netflix proxy error. &...[Read More]

American Netflix on Blu-ray Players Outside USA 1

Netflix is arguably the most famous multimedia streaming center of the cyber world. It has the biggest library of available files for streaming, including new and classic movies, the hottest series of the moment, documentaries, short films, and many more features. Founded in 1997 as a rental company for films and series, it changed the way it did business in 2007 when they began working with onlin...[Read More]

Netflix on Smart TV outside USA

Netflix has become arguably the most famous and sought online streaming multimedia company in the United States of America, with its fame and services extending to several places worldwide. Thousands of movies from all genres, the hottest TV series, and the finest documental features are available in this outlet. You just have to get a paid subscription and select your favorite content to enjoy th...[Read More]

Best Netflix Hacks

Netflix is getting better and better, partly thanks to billions of dollars spent on original content that can’t be viewed anywhere else (unless you want to use Popcorn Time or Torrenting). The website has great shows like Luke Cage and now the Defenders, new shoes like Ozarks which attempts to be another breaking bad–and even brand new original movies. Suffice to say, it’s probably the best ...[Read More]


If you want to access Netflix on your Android, but find it blocked, it could be because of one of two reasons. One reason could be that you want access to the USA version of Netflix instead of the region you are in. You usually do this by getting a USA IP, but if Netflix detects that you are using a VPN or proxy to do this, you’ll be blocked. The second reason could be that you are trying to acces...[Read More]

2017-05-10 18_27_21-811px x 401px – VPN COMPARISON

Netflix had long been relatively easy to access through a virtual private network or VPN. This especially comes as a VPN can conceal your real IP and have you surf the online world under a different IP from another region. This gives you access to all sorts of things without restrictions., particularly Netflix in a variety of different regions. However, it has become increasingly difficult for peo...[Read More]


Unlocator has been a popular DNS proxy service for a while now. It can be used to remove geographic blocks that you encounter while online. These include blocks that keep you from watching videos based out of certain spots. But in recent time it has struggled with Netflix as the service has become unable to actually get access to Netflix setups. Unlocator was hit by Netflix as the latest of the DN...[Read More]

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