The 12 Best Torrent Websites for Music Lovers

Best Torrent Websites for Music Lovers 1

Millions of people looking for entertainment all over the world now opt for entering torrenting sites to stream or download all kinds of music content directly. Whether what you want is jazz, rock, urban, electronic, country, or even Latino genres, the Internet provides users with dozens of pages and services where they can find them all.

Some of these sites are general, and you can find all genres; while some specialize in one rhythm or style, mainly rock, jazz, classical music or pop. You can get the song that has been ringing in your head all day by just making a few clicks.

For those of you that have been living under a rock, torrenting involves the activity of uploading and downloading torrent files to your system. These torrent files usually download quickly to your device because you download it from several sources, not just one. To be more precise, Torrent is the tool that allows users to share all kinds of data: pictures, songs, concerts, videos, movies, TV series, and more. These protocols break large pieces of data into little, more easily readable pieces. Torrent files contain metadata about what you are going to download.

The 12 best Torrent websites for music lovers

There are millions of pages on the Internet in which you can find torrent files. For now, we will focus on the 12 best Torrent websites for music lovers to access and download their favorite songs, no matter the location, size of the file, or genre.

#1 ExtraTorrent

With more than one million of active users as we speak (and growing by the second), ExtraTorrent has become one of the most popular sites for torrenting in the world. You can use it for listening to music of all genres, satisfying all needs and tastes and expanding to even the most remote of markets. Fans all over the globe can, in addition to listening to the millions of songs and tracks available, watch all sorts of videos, movies or TV series that ExtraTorrent has in its vast library. The site has numerous seeders, making the experience fast and diverse when it comes to option obtainable.

#2 The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is one of the most popular sites for uploading and downloading torrent files and is arguably the oldest. In spite of having fought its fair share of legal battles, the page is still up and running, and provides musicians and fans all over the world the opportunity to enjoy torrent files with their favorites artists, albums, and concerts. It doesn’t matter if you like rock, punk, classical music, pop, country, reggae, urban, electronic, opera, jazz, or any genre: the chances are that you will find it on The Pirate Bay.


If you don’t mind having to use a translator to read and understand everything on the site (it is Russian, so unless you speak Russian, you would need it), then Rutracker may be your best torrenting alternative. The traffic of this page is comparable with that of the Pirate Bay, and it has almost 15 million active users. You will, however, need a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to unblock it in many locations, because is off-limits for users in many nations.

#4 Sky Torrents

If what you are looking for is to put together your classical music library, then you need to consider Sky Torrents as your primary source. It has a vast amount of songs of the most sophisticated composers and musicians of all periods of time. It has the added feature to download music from other genres, but its focus remains on classical pieces.

#5 TorrentDownloads

If you don’t want to try Sky Torrents or have any trouble downloading torrents from there, you can use TorrentDownloads to install classical music in your PC or mobile device, although you can also download tracks from other genres different to the one in question.

#6 Toorgle

Another quality option for classical music is Toorgle, which has an extensive catalog of artists, composers, and songs ready for you to download them into your system. Toorge uses the aid of more than 400 classical music-specialized sites to offer users a complete catalog of the genre.


RARBG is an excellent choice for torrenting, especially if what you need to play or download is within the jazz music style. Despite focusing their energies and resources in this culturally-rich genre, you can also download other rhythms in RARBG. It separates itself from the competition thanks to its wide range of verified content.

#8 Isohunt

Another quality option for jazz music lovers is Isohunt, which is gaining steam in the online world because of the quality of its content. One of the most attractive features of Isohunt is its user-friendly interface and design, which makes it easy to download torrents at any time. You can access the page from practically every country in the world.

#9 BT Scene

If what you desire is the thrill of the rock music running through your veins and coming out of your hands in the form of a fake (or real) instrument, then you need to try BT Scene. The most famous rock bands and solo artists are available in the search motor of this torrenting site, which is made for rock lovers all over the world.

#10 iDope

Since KickAss Torrent is now off the digital universe, users have opted for other alternatives to find their favorite rock music torrents. In iDope, you can find songs of your favorite bands and even live concerts of Metallica, AC DC, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Guns and Roses, and the significant interpreters of this exciting genre.


There are many torrenting sites in the web universe. However, if you want to download your preferred songs, or even complete discographies, of the premier pop performers in the music world, you can do it in It is available for users in both English and Spanish, with the intention of satisfying many markets all over the planet. It uses several sites to provide a complete library in the genre.

#12 Monova

Monova is another reliable option for pop lovers in any location in the world. Just write the name of the pop song, artists or album you want to stream or download, and you will find it in a matter of seconds. Register, sign in, and enjoy the rhythm of the pop music at any time of the day.

Use a VPN for a better torrenting experience

The 12 Best Torrent Websites for Music Lovers

Virtual Private Networks are tools to enhance online privacy, security, and anonymity, because they hide the users’ traffic and IP address and protect all the information shared in a virtual tunnel. They do it by using encryption technologies such as Internet Protocol Security (IPSec), Layer to Tunneling Protocol (L2TP), Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), OpenVPN, and more.

They can, among other things, protect you while you engage into potentially dangerous activities online, such as torrenting, because your IP address may be available for millions of strangers that can use it to harm you. Also, with a VPN you can unblock sites like, which are off-limits to specific geographical locations.

Best VPN for torrenting?

The 12 Best Torrent Websites for Music Lovers The 12 Best Torrent Websites for Music Lovers
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The primary attribute that you need to look for in a VPN service if you want to torrent in peace is the ability to allow P2P, or the Peer to Peer technology, which is necessary to enable file interchanges with seeders and users in the torrenting site.

Besides, you need an alternative with robust encryption protocols. Some of the most efficient of the market, taking into account those features, are TorGuard, Private Internet Access (PIA), IPVanish, and GhostVPN. Use any of that foursome, and you will not be disappointed.

In conclusion, torrenting gives you the advantage of listening and watching videos, concerts, and songs of the artists you love and enjoy, within only a few clicks of distance. Sites like Rutracker, The Pirate Bay, Monova, Toorgle, and ExtraTorrent, among many others, can help you obtain what you want. However, don’t forget to use a VPN client to enhance your security while you engage in this potentially hazardous activity.

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