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The Truth about Portable VPN Routers

New small portable VPN routers are engaging security conscious users everywhere. They’ve made massive successful Kickstarter and IndieGoGo campaigns, in some cases raising over $850,000. It’s easy to see that there’s demand for security and encryption in today’s internet-focused world where people strive to protect personal information from companies, governments, and even ...[Read More]

How to Change Your IP Address

Are you looking to change your IP address? Changing your IP address can be useful for many reasons. Maybe you want to access Netflix in a different location, or maybe you want just to hide your original IP address so people can’t find your real world location. Or perhaps, you’re torrenting files, and you don’t want anyone to know about your P2P activity, regardless of what you’re downloading. At t...[Read More]

Cheaper Airline Tickets with a VPN

If you’ve ever had to deal with airlines, you know that their websites are often quite hard to deal with. Whether it’s slow loading pages, or just cluttered interfaces that seem intent on making travel that much harder–it hardly ever feels like an easy process, much less a fair one. It’s not uncommon at all to be searching for prices for tickets for a flight to have them ch...[Read More]

Best Privacy Search Engines

While Google is a great search engine, they do track your data and results to serve up better results for targeted ads and search engine results. If you don’t want your search engine collecting information and using it, you’ll have to use a different search engine than Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Private search engines are also a great way to see that same results that everyone else would see. Sometim...[Read More]

Best Browser Privacy Addons

When you’re using your browser, you might be leaking out valuable information. A lot of popular websites and dangerous websites track you through cookies or various methods. We’ve picked the best browser privacy add-ons that will secure your internet browser to protect your valuable information and confidentiality. Best browser privacy add-ons: TorGuard Browser Proxy Extension A browse...[Read More]



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SurfEasy is a VPN owned by the Opera company. It's pushing browser VPN and extensions, but is the core VPN provider good enough for your use?



SurfEasy Review

SurfEasy is a VPN that has come recently under scrutiny (or depending how you look at it, under the limelight) for its browser VPN (Opera bundled with SurfEasy SSL proxy–dubbed browser VPN). In this SurfEasy review, we’ll go over every feature and list any improvements that could be made to the service. At the end of this SurfEasy review, you’ll know if it’s worth your time...[Read More]

Here are the 10 Best Private Anonymous Email Providers

While using Gmail or Yahoo mail is okay for most purposes, you might not want to be using these services if you’re sending important messages that need encrypted security. Not only that, but these services are products made to be free to use your data for advertising purposes. Remember, the core idea that if you are using something that is free, there is always something to be given on your ...[Read More]

VPN Forum Contest

We noticed there weren’t many good VPN forum communities out there. Most forum communities are either owned by VPN providers themselves, or not active. The ones on Reddit are heavily moderated by users with secret agendas who push EU providers above anything else. How can you expect to get a good VPN recommendation or helpful advice when there’s bias involved? Here at Best10VPN, we bac...[Read More]

Best Internet Browser for Internet Privacy

You might think that your internet browser is an integral link to how secure your online privacy is. After all, it’s where your traffic is placed, seen, and how you interact with the web itself. However, the best browsers have evolved and morphed into considerably safe products over time that you should feel secure using. That said, are there any underlying differences that could sway you to one s...[Read More]

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