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How To Prevent your ISP from Tracking Your Data

As you may have heard, the recent vote of the United States Senate brought a Bill that, if approved, allows your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to sell your browsing history and other personal data to third parties, and they don’t even need your approval to do that anymore. This means that everyone who appreciates their online privacy has to find some way to fight back and keep it for thems...[Read More]

Does my ISP Spy on Me?

The US Senate had a vote on March 23, a vote in favor of a bill that will allow Internet Service Providers (ISP) to sell their user’s online behavior data that includes web browsing history, email and online chat content, and pretty much everything else you do online. So far, ISP’s needed your permission in order to sell this sort of information, but with this bill on the way, that is ...[Read More]

Best VPNs to Protect Your Wi-Fi Connection

The Internet has become such an important part of our life that we just cannot do without it. With smartphones and tablets offering so many functionalities, people stay connected to the internet throughout the day. It is because of this that many public places like cafes, restaurants, and parks offer free public Wi-Fi hotspots to the people there. If you go to a Starbucks, or an airport, or anywhe...[Read More]

How to deal with Reverse Domain Name Hijacking

What is Reverse Domain Name Hijacking? Reverse Domain Name Hijacking primarily arises when domain owners choose names for their domains that are identical or confusing with existing trademarks. Reverse Domain Name Hijacking happens when a person fraudulently looks to acquire a domain name because the name of the domain is similar to his or her existing trademark. UDRP defines it as the filing of a...[Read More]

Smartphone Security Awareness Key to Preventing “Handheld Hacking”

Almost everyone has a smartphone today. This is hardly a surprise, given the many features that come along with a smartphone. Not only can one talk to anyone or exchange text messages, they can now listen to songs, browse the internet, and managing social media on their smartphones. Added perks are presented to users in the form of mobile applications that offer people services like image scanning...[Read More]

Tips to Do Online Banking Safe and Secure

Online banking made making transaction way easier than was the case previously. One had to personally go to the bank and fill in the details of the receiver. The whole process was quite painstaking as one had to stand in queues to acquire the forms and then submit them to the staff member at the desk. Online banking introduced the feature to make and receive payments sitting right at your home. It...[Read More]

How the NSA Differs from the CIA, and How to Protect Yourself

When one mentions Big Brother, the mind quickly jumps to a watchful old man with a menacing look. To the present world, the two security firms (CIA and NSA) represent the famed big brother figure. They both take data from individuals and firms as part of their surveillance exercises. The two have come under fire severally for snooping on people’s privacy with the National Security Agency bei...[Read More]

How to Disappear Online Completely in 2017

When using our devices, we always forget the risk we run with the danger posed by hackers. The government and other bodies in authority also carry out surveillance on a consistent basis. The only way to stay clear from the watchful eye of the government and hackers is by taking measures that keep you off the grid. Here, we give you a few ways you can ‘disappear’ online. Use a VPN The best so...[Read More]

All about Operation BugDrop and How to Protect Yourself with a Malware Protection VPN

Just last month, CyberX, a provider of security software, unraveled the existence of a very large malware campaign aimed at many industries that are reliant on technology. Dubbed Operation BugDrop, the malware campaign is described by CyberX as a “well-organized operation that employs sophisticated malware” in stealing large amounts of data. So far, the malware has been proven to mostly attack Ukr...[Read More]

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