How to Disappear Online Completely in 2017

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When using our devices, we always forget the risk we run with the danger posed by hackers. The government and other bodies in authority also carry out surveillance on a consistent basis. The only way to stay clear from the watchful eye of the government and hackers is by taking measures that keep you off the grid. Here, we give you a few ways you can ‘disappear’ online.

Use a VPN

The best solution to staying anonymous online is through the use of a virtual private network. A VPN will hide your actual IP address from anyone trying to spy on you. They are also not very costly to use in staying safe from prying eyes. However, not everywhere you will go will have a VPN. Therefore, you need the following methods too.

How to Disappear Online Completely in 2017 How to Disappear Online Completely in 2017
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No social media or email

With social media, you are a few steps from being found even by your friends. Social media collects so much information from you that they could know more about you that you may know. When you check-in on a location on Facebook, or post a picture of you with a street sign behind you, Big Brother knows exactly where you are. It is the same case with email. Stay away from both.

No Phones please

With a phone, you are always online receiving notifications, calls and system updates. Hackers and the CIA can easily know where you are at any time. The problem with phones is that they are always sending and receiving data thus making it easy to know where one is. Even without a sim card in your phone, you can still be found (you can make an emergency call after all).

Use encryption on everything you do online

TOR is used by millions of people all over the world to enjoy a high level of anonymity when using the internet. You too can use this great service to enjoy endless hours of anonymous browsing. You can use it to encrypt various types of communication such as chats, email and data sent over the internet.

Pay with Bitcoin or cash only

When you make payments with PayPal or your credit card, some information about you will be collected. Even when you use the ATM machine, it will be known that you made a withdrawal from an ATM in a certain location. You thus need to only use cash or Bitcoin. Bitcoin is great for online transactions as it keeps you anonymous but allows you to buy what you want. Hard cash cannot be traced to you as many people handle it. Check out this article here on how to secure your Bitcoin.

These methods will make you invisible to anyone looking for you. Imagine a fellow with no social media accounts, no email, no phone number, and always pays in cash. Even if you are an expert in tracking down people, the only way you can get them is by stalking them. That, we guarantee, is going to be difficult. The good news is that you can always have all these back when you miss your presence online.

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