What is the Best BitTorrent IP Blocker?

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BitTorrent swarms are often tough to manage. Sometimes snoopers might try and find your IP address. This is problematic as your IP address could be stolen and used by other people. This could especially give away your identity in some cases. A good BitTorrent IP blocker can make a difference when you’re aiming to keep your identity protected.

Understanding Swarms

A BitTorrent swarm is a group of users or peers that are sharing a torrent. They can download the torrent from one another and share the information with each other.

A torrent that has a larger swarm will be more powerful. In particular, it may be easier for people to get more parts of a torrent downloaded without having to wait too long. It is not always a guarantee but it is often a little easier to download in many cases.

The problem though is that the IP addresses of all people in a swarm will be exposed. This can be found on the BitTorrent client that you are using. This can be a threat as it shows where you are and could expose you as being in a spot where torrent downloading is illegal in or is at least highly frowned upon.

It is also a real problem if you are on a torrent without much of a swarm. Your IP address could be a whole lot easier to notice if you are using a torrent that is rather small and doesn’t have all that many people trying to get information off of it.

A Great IP Blocker Is Needed

To get on BitTorrent without worrying about your IP being exposed, you need to use a quality IP blocker. Such a blocker works by moving your connection off to a virtual server. This server will be based out of any spot that you select in particular.

There are a number of good choices for you to take a look at. An IP blocker like TorGuard is always a good choice to have. TorGuard is a program that works with thousands of different servers from all corners around the world. It helps to replace your IP with an anonymous one based out of a different part of the world. It secures your data and keeps it private quite well so you won’t have to worry about problems getting in the way.

Private Internet Access is another choice for you to look at. PIA works by offering a strong effort for keeping you online. It works with all BitTorrent clients and can work on up to five devices at the same time. With this, you will keep your data secure as you can get on a client in one of many countries around Europe where BitTorrent is fully legal in.

Remember to look for a great BitTorrent IP blocker if you want to enjoy a great experience with torrents. This is all about not only getting downloads taken care of but also with ensuring that your IP is hidden and that you are online anonymously and without problems.

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