What are the Best Black Friday VPN Deals?

What are the Best Black Friday VPN Deals?

Black Friday is coming up this November 24th with new TV Deals and other great deals on tech stuff. This means a large amount of greedy people storming stores for wonky TVs and half priced consoles and video games, or just super cheap vacuums! Fortunately, a large majority of VPN black Friday deals have started early which means you don’t have to wait to secure your internet with top of the line encryption, or access Netflix unblocked.

Now, almost every VPN provider out there is having some sort of discount, but a large majority of VPN providers and their services are pretty crap. So how can you pick which ones are good and make sure you get a good deal? How can you make sure your VPN works with what you need it to?

Well, we’ve picked out our top 5 VPN deals (IPVanish active 22nd) according to ratings on the site. All of these VPNs below will give you good service. Other VPNs out there like StronVPN, PureVPN, VyprVPN, iVPN, OverPlay, Le VPN, Cyberghost are simply not mentioned since they aren’t worth ANY discount!

TorGuard, NordVPN, and SaferVPN are the best black friday deals for VPN that work with Netflix, in case you were wondering! You can find directions on how to use each one with Netflix, on our super active YouTube Channel.

Best Black Friday VPN Deals Organized by VPN Rating:

#1 TorGuard VPN – 50% Sitewide + Free Mini Router ($4.99 one month, $15 6 month $30 one year ) + New 2 Year discount – $49 for 2 years (USE code “BlackFriday“)

#2 IPVanish – 2 year plan – $69 Starting Nov 22nd (No code required)

#3 Private Internet Access – 3 years $89.95 (No code required)

#4 NordVPN – 77% off 3 year Plan – $99 (Use code “3ydeal“)

#5 SaferVPN – 50% off $4.99 one month, 75% off $71.90 2 year, 65% off $41.95 6 month (No code required)

#6 TunnelBear – 58% off – $49.88 1 year plan (No code required)

Spark has a simple mission to help you chose the best VPN without any bias. Which VPN do I use? See it here!

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