What are the best comic book torrent sites?


Are you looking for the best comic book torrent sites? We are torrent experts, and we’ve found the best torrent sites anywhere to get free comics. Whether you are a fan of The Walking Dead, Saga, DC Week, Marvel Week, or even Doctor Strange, we’ve compiled the best sites that you can download trusted torrents.

However, before you go jumping the gun and download comics like crazy, we do recommend that you use a VPN provider or proxy to secure your torrenting, so your IP address is not monitored. Downloading comics that aren’t free by nature is against strict DMCA laws.

I encourage you not to break the law and buy the comics on something like Amazon where you can find great deals on comics. But if you do download a comic you are not supposed to–you can get caught if you aren’t using a torrent/proxy service.

Using a trusted VPN or proxy provider (for now, I would recommend using TorGuard) is one of the best ways to protect yourself against DMCA complaints from your internet service provider that logs your information 24/7.

With a VPN, you stay encrypted and your IP changes, and with a proxy, your IP address simply changes–so in either case, you can’t be watched while torrenting comics.

Best Comic Book Torrent Sites

The Pirate Bay

What are the best comic book torrent sites?

The Pirate Bay is one of the most popular and well-run torrent sites there is. It’s been the leader of the piracy movement and has battled through numerous censorship efforts and domains. It has a plethora of comic book torrents available for you to download.


What are the best comic book torrent sites?

ExtraTorrent is gaining more traffic and seems to be in a good spot with no noticeable hiccups for awhile. It’s one of the best comic book torrent sites with a solid torrent community, and even though the site is a bit old-school looking, it has a lot of solid comic book torrents to download.


What are the best comic book torrent sites?

It looks similar to KickAssTorrents (which I didn’t include since their site can be super annoying to deal with regarding pop-ups, fake links, and ads), but the increasingly popular TorrentDownloads.Me site is one of the best comic book torrent sites and resource for comic book torrents, TV shows, and movies.


What are the best comic book torrent sites?

Although the name is weird, YTS.AG’s proven strong this year in 2016 with our other mention and it boasts a hefty amount of comic book torrents and great interface makes it super easy to get download comic book torrents quickly.

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