What is the Best Place to Download Music Torrents?


Today you can get a number of great music torrents from a variety of providers. This is thanks to the use of the BitTorrent P2P protocol. But in order to find these torrents, you have to get to proper places that offer a good variety of such files. Here are a few of the best places for you to think about when aiming to download all kinds of music torrents.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay has been operating since 2003 as a prominent torrent site. It offers music torrents of all sorts. You can download MP3 and FLAC files among others through the site. Each listing on the site is clearly labeled so you can see what you are getting access to when downloading files.


ExtraTorrent has been growing in popularity in recent time thanks to the strong community here. The site offers great services including full reviews of torrents based on the comments people leave on them and the number of seeds and leechers on each one. People can also review these torrents by size and health. Details on the files in each torrent are also included on every listing so users can get a clear idea of what is happening in each one.


RARBG offers its music torrents in a full section that lets you find files quickly. The site has been around since 2008 so it definitely has a strong background in the field of torrents and downloads.


The original YTS and YIFY torrent sites have been shut down but the YTS.AG site has become popular. This site includes a simple search index that is similar to what the old YTS site has, thus offering a familiar arrangement without being too complicated. Some torrent sites have been banning releases from YTS.AG though as they are unhappy with how the site has essentially taken over the original name.


1337X recently released a brand new interface with a simple design. It also uses a new security protocol to keep dangerous torrents and other potentially corrupted files from taking over. It uses a carefully organized arrangement for use that is easy to follow.


TorrentZ2 was designed as a replacement for the old Torrentz.eu site. The page searches through dozens of torrent sites and finds information based on the health of a torrent, reviews of each torrent and points on the files offered.

This allows people to find only the best torrents as they are searching through them. The sensible arrangement is designed to be a little different from what Torrentz.eu had primarily as a means of differentiating it from other things.

Make sure you take a good look at all of these places to download music torrents from. These sites offer a good number of downloads for you to check out right now. Don’t forget to look for a quality VPN that can help you get to these sites and download torrents anonymously and securely while giving you guaranteed access to a quality torrent site.

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What is the Best Place to Download Music Torrents? What is the Best Place to Download Music Torrents?
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