What Are the Best Safe Torrent Sites?


It can be a challenge to find good torrent sites because so many of them are filled with unreliable information and suspicious files. Fortunately, there are a few safe torrent sites that you can use today.

These include places that you can get onto through the use of a VPN. These torrent sites are made with a variety of qualities that are designed to ensure that you can get the torrents you are looking for without second-guessing anything you come across.

Before we start this list I would caution you to torrent without a good VPN provider. The reason is that when you torrent, your IP address can easily be logged by copyright holders or just snoopers. I would recommend TorGuard as the easiest/best solution for now.

Best Safe Torrent Sites in 2017-2018

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay has become a real staple in the world of torrent sites. That’s because the Pirate Bay not only helps you search for torrents by category but always lists information on who is offering them at a given time and what files they include.

You can also read reviews and descriptions of individual torrents. This helps you figure out with ease what types of torrents you want to get.


RARBG has been around for about ten years. This Bulgarian site has many torrents and offers a variety of search options. You can use this to find torrents listed through many different websites that host and upload torrents on a regular basis. The site even has a blog that lets you know all about what’s new with torrents and the system used for downloading them. This gives you plenty of support through a site that has been carefully organized and is regularly updated.


The community on ExtraTorrent is among the most active torrent communities online today. This is thanks to the site being very transparent with regards to its torrents. Out here you can search for torrents by size, the number of seeders, how active they are and so forth. The site even has a health index that lists details on how healthy a torrent is based on how it is accessible online and whether or not you can get it downloaded quickly.


1337x was recently redesigned and brought back after getting through some legal issues. The torrent site has a vast movie and television library.

You can look at the top 100 torrents at a given time on the site or you can look to see which torrents are trending based on who’s getting them right now. The site’s analytics are always being updated to ensure you’ll get only the best possible torrents.


Torrentz is the last option to check out. It has a search engine that looks through more than sixty different torrent sites. It sorts out the torrents based on their quality and how many people are using them among other points.

This gives you a useful setup that helps to find tens of millions of torrents. The interface is also streamlined so you can clearly look at what’s on the page without anything being too complicated.

Check out all five of these safe torrent sites the next time you’re looking to find torrents online. Be sure to also look for a VPN to help you get onto these spots anonymously.

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  1. Most, if not all the sites that you have listed are not safe at all. All of these sites have PUPs and malware running rampant….VPN or no VPN.

    • This is true. You need to be careful while using these sites and any other website. USE ADBLOCK! However, these sites are better than the rest, and the “best” perhaps “most safe” torrent sites you can find.


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