What Is the Best Torrent Site for the NFL?


It is easy to find downloads of all the latest National Football League games through torrent sites. This is especially great if you live in a part of the world where it is not easy for you to get access to games as they happen. There are a few different torrent sites for you to check out if you want to download all the NFL action that you want. These can work quite well although it is often best for you to use a VPN to ensure that you can safely and easily get onto one of these places without legal or access-related issues.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay has been one of the top standbys in the world of torrent sites. It has gotten through a number of shutdowns over the years and continues to stay functional to this day. It offers a sensible interface that is easy to search around. You can quickly identify the number of seeders on each option too. This has especially been considered to be a successor to KickassTorrents, a site that shut down a while ago.


RarBG has been around for nearly ten years now. The site has become popular for having its own easy to handle interface and search engine. It has had to go from one country to the next in order to avoid legal problems. Also, the site has been outlawed in the UK, Saudi Arabia and India among other countries although a VPN can help you get access to the site.


ExtraTorrent is second to the Pirate Bay in terms of its popularity among torrent sites. It does not offer one-click torrents but it does give you full information on everything you will find in a torrent. This includes the strength of the torrent and details on all the specific files you will find in such a file.


The fourth option to see for NFL torrents is BitSnoop. It features tens of millions of torrents with plenty of NFL torrents to search through. It even offers a search feature that goes through more than 300 torrents sites. Therefore, it should not be hard for you to get the files that you are looking for when you use this particular place.

Can YTS.ag Work?

Although YTS.ag has a simple interface and plenty of search choices, it is a place that specializes in movies. Therefore, you’re not going to get any NFL action from this site. The other sites listed here are just as easy to use as YTS.ag though.

Make sure you look around at these VPN sites to get access to all the exciting NFL games that you want to watch. It should not be too tough to get anything you are interested in while on these spots. Be sure to check out a VPN as well so you can not only avoid blocks relating to these sites but also enjoy watching things on the site without problems coming out of the setup.

Best VPNs to Torrent With?

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What Is the Best Torrent Site for the NFL? What Is the Best Torrent Site for the NFL?
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