Best VPNs for iPhone

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One of the most important uses of a VPN is mobile use. Whether that means corporate businessmen, who are on business trips, professional gamers on the go that need access to encrypted connections, or just the everyday person who wants their internet traffic to remain private. Let’s make that clear–using Wi-Fi at places like Starbucks or Airports on your smartphone/iPhone is never safe.

It’s so easy to take someone’s information in public Wi-Fi that you can do it via a browser extension. There’re tons of tools out there now that help people receive information, even if there are equally as many (perhaps more) that help you protect against these breaches like VPNs. You know that you check Facebook on your iPhone at Starbucks–don’t lie! Don’t let your credentials be compromised over a secure network just because you’re too lazy to click a VPN “connect” button on your phone.

So, do you need a VPN on your iPhone? Many people think Apple products are state of the art technology that can’t be cracked. While viruses and other forms of malware are less common on these devices since Apple has so many application restrictions (no third party applications), it’s much less likely. But your Wi-Fi is another thing altogether. The bottom line is that you’re sharing a network with tons of people on a public connection, so you HAVE to protect your traffic–regardless if it’s on your iPhone.

So which VPN should you use on your iPhone? It can be hard to decide, especially if you don’t have a trusted VPN provider already. Most VPN providers who provide applications have similar applications with similar functions that use L2TP/IPSec protocol that provides strong encryption and security. That said, not all VPN applications are equal since some take lazy approaches that only install servers into your settings while others act more like fully fledged applications with connect buttons and various settings. Check out our five favorite VPN applications for iPhone here:

Best VPNs for iPhone



Best VPNs for iPhone

IPVanish is one of our favorite VPNs with a great mobile application that can remember certain networks and connect to the VPN based on the network you’re connecting to. So if you stop by Starbucks, the application can automatically connect to the VPN. Pretty neat huh? The  IPVanish has a ton of useful settings to play around with. Besides that, IPVanish has great speeds, plenty of servers to connect to, and good stability.


Lots of settings to customize your VPN experience

Great connection speeds

Plenty of servers

Good looking app



Visit IPvanish


Best VPNs for iPhone

TorGuard’s mobile application for iPhone lacks some of the complexity of IPVanish, but it works just as well. When using the TorGuard mobile application, you don’t have to decide on any settings as the application is just a one button connect (you can also choose servers). We loved how reliable the application is, how lightweight the process feels, and the great speeds we received while using the application.


Very simple application that is easy to use

High speeds

Doesn’t crash


Doesn’t have any settings to customize the experience or connections

Visit TorGuard


Best VPNs for iPhone

Like its PC counterpart, ExpressVPN looks and feels fantastic. We were surprised to see such a similar design to the mobile application, but that could be because of the PC applications intuitive and lightweight feel. The application provides a visual experience to help you understand where you are connecting and how. It’s also very easy to use the application to get good speeds, and it doesn’t crash much which is always a plus.


High speeds

Easy application to set up with helpful tutorials


Can make you feel paranoid when the map shows your location

Visit ExpressVPN

Private Internet Access

Best VPNs for iPhone

Private Internet Access, or PIA, is one of the simplest VPNs you can buy. That said, it’s also the cheapest upfront monthly VPN you can find that delivers reliability in application performance and speed. While PIA’s PC application and extra services can be lacking, and their support inconsistent, PIA is a great pick to go with especially if you just want a good VPN mobile app for a low price.


Very affordable

Works great and it’s easy to set up

Good speeds


Mobile application is almost the same as the PC application (good and bad thing)

Visit PIA


If you’re looking for the most multi-featured VPN application, check out IPVanish. IPVanish VPN is one of our favorite VPN providers with decent pricing and solid speeds. The other applications like TorGuard, ExpressVPN, and PIA all offer simple but reliable applications that are easy to figure out and use. Let us know your thoughts on your favorite VPN mobile application. Thanks for reading our picks for the best VPNs for iPhone.

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