What Is the Best Way to Check For IP Leaks?


You have to be cautious when you are trying to get online with a VPN. You must make sure your real IP address is protected. However, while many VPN options have IP leak protection services, they are not always going to be perfect. You have to watch carefully for how your IP is handled so it will not be exposed at any point as you are online.

There are a number of programs that you can use today to help you check for IP leaks. These solutions can help you with taking care of all the problems that might develop in your IP connection.


The first option to look at is Doileak. This offers a simple design where you will review the risk level associated with each connection. You can use this to test all sorts of VPN connections. It is an accurate program that reviews your connection based on your IP location, the browser you use, your DNS server, the IPv6 address and much more. It is efficient and can also be used on your mobile device.


Another popular choice, Whoer helps you to test your IP connection to see how stable it is. It gives you a percentage rating for your anonymity level. This rating is based on factors like your ISP, the location of your IP, your browser and even any proxy setups you are using.

This is an intriguing program but it does penalize you if you are using a DNS from another country. It does not offer any torrent IP or IPv6 checks either. It does display both the basic information on your link and even has an option to help you look at some of the more detailed info relating to a link. You can test your speed with Whoer too.


AirVPN has developed IPLeak as a program that lists your IP and your country that you are connected off of. It tests your IP on AirVPN servers and Tor exit nodes alike. This is a very simple option that has all its information organized on one page. It isn’t available for use on a mobile device though and is essentially a more basic option to have without being overly technical.


The fourth option to look at is the ip-check.info site run by JonDonym. It shows your IP address and tests your connection to identify authentication info, caching and user agents. Any particular plugins used in your browser can also be reviewed. Your unique information and all key parts of your connection are analyzed and reviewed with care. It can take a rather long time to get a test completed though, what with it being so technical and detailed in nature.

All four of these choices deserve to be analyzed when you are looking for a solution for your general IP protection needs. These all help you with checking on how a connection may work so any problems or concerns relating to keeping your IP address secure and hidden will be managed and resolved.

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