How to Download Free Movies and TV Shows Safely

How to Download Free Movies and TV Shows Safely

If you want to download free movies and TV shows safely, you’ve come to the right place. Downloading movies as well as the latest released shows can be a tricky process, but I’ve outlined it below in a few simple steps. If you follow this guide, you can find the best movies, TV shows, and other content and be downloading them completely undetected.

Is Downloading Movies and TV Shows for Free Legal?

So is downloading the latest movies for free legal? Well, no. Depending on your country, downloading the latest movies can be illegal. If you want to follow a more legal methodology of watching content online, you can use something like Netflix which has tons of movies and TV shows for an affordable monthly price. Check out my Netflix Proxy Error guide to find out how to get full access to the US content library.

How to Download Movies and TV Shows Safely (WHAT YOU NEED):

How to Download Free Movies and TV Shows Safely

Step #1 Torrent Website!

The first thing you’ll need is a website to download movies or shows. You can use my favorite site, since it’s very reliable and resilient to shutdowns and it also has a HUGE content library.

This is what is called a “torrent” site, and it’s how you “torrent”–or download, movies. Make sure to use an ad-blocker on this site, however, to get rid of pesky popups and ads! My recommended ad-blocker is uBlock Origin. Or maybe you want some good alternatives to The Pirate Bay?

Step #2 VPN or Proxy!

Once you find your website to download, you’ll need a VPN or proxy to use. If you don’t use a VPN or proxy, you will be downloading files publicly without any sort of anonymity, which means ISPs, copyright holders, and literally anyone else can see what you’re doing, and how you’re doing it.

There are a lot of VPN options out there, but I prefer VPNs that offer anonymos proxies bundled in with VPNs. These VPNs include TorGuard, Private Internet Access, and IPVanish VPN. All of these VPNs are great for torrenting with high speeds and torrenting allowed.

Step #3 Torrent App!

I’ve already written guides and videos on the best torrent apps for you to use. My favorite, however, is qBittorrent due to the simplicity, lack of ads, and powerful features. Once you pick your app, you can start it up and that way, when you click the magnet link on the torrent site, it’ll load it up into the app for the download to start.

Before you do this however, start your VPN or put the proxy in the torrent app to stay hidden while torrenting the file. The torrent file will process and download, and you can find the actual file you downloaded wherever you set it to in the app’s preferences. The default should be downloads, but you can change the location to where you want!

Step #4 Put it all Together!

Launch your website, turn on your VPN, download a magnet link and it’ll open in your torrent app! Now you can watch free movies, TV shows, and content the way you want!

Best Legal Method for TV Shows and Movies?

I mentioned it before at the beginning of this article, but if you missed it, the best way to watch the most amount of content completely LEGALLY is to use a VPN like TorGuard (with dedicated IP purchased on checkout) to watch the US content library of Netflix. Netflix has more and more shows coming out in every category (Sci-Fi, Anime, Drama, Horror etc) every year!

Spark has a simple mission to help you chose the best VPN without any bias. Which VPN do I use? See it here!

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