What Is a Good Torrent Anonymizer?


While it can be exciting to download torrents, there is also the concern that you could have your online activity exposed while downloading them. This comes as your IP will be noticed by a torrent site. It will see that you are aiming to get a torrent through a particular address.

This can be a real problem to bear with but with a VPN, you can keep your torrent activity anonymized. A VPN will help you with this by concealing your real IP address. As you get online through a virtual server, you will be using a new IP that comes from a different part of the world. It can be from a country where torrent downloads are typically legal without problems.

You have to consider using a VPN to get torrents online and with ease. There are a few good options to choose from when trying to get a torrent anonymizer.


TorGuard is very popular for how it uses a vast variety of servers on a number of setups. With TorGuard, you can quickly get online and choose from one of many different types of servers by country. This will provide you with access to not only an anonymous connection but also to a server in a spot where torrenting is safe to do in.

A torrent anonymizer must be used if you are going to get on any P2P network. Check around to see which particular anonymizer options are right for you.

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PIA is a popular choice for when you are trying to get torrents anonymously. PIA works without storing your data on any logs. It also uses powerful 256-bit encryption to keep your data protected. A kill switch is also used in that if the VPN connection is broken off, traffic will not be routed. This ensures that you will not have to get onto a torrent site with your data being exposed after getting off of a VPN link.

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Average VPN Anonymizers?

These VPNs are OK to use, but not as recommended as the above options…


ExpressVPN is also a helpful option to have for getting torrents online. With ExpressVPN, you will choose from different servers that use their own DNS. This ensures that you will have added speed and security for your connection without worrying about any form of data being lost or stolen as you are online.


NordVPN is dedicated to providing people with fully anonymous torrent support. In addition to offering a number of IP address solutions, it does not log any addresses or timestamps. It uses servers that are optimized with torrent systems in mind. There are also some servers through the service that also focus on streaming media. The client that you will use when on NordVPN will guide you to find the right servers that work with particular functions in mind.


You can also use Anonymizer as a torrent solution. This allows all traffic on its servers. It uses a fully customizable VPN application for use on a number of setups. This helps you to stay active as you are online.

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