What Is a Good VPN to Use With Popcorn Time?


Popcorn Time is a useful streaming media site that uses the BitTorrent system to load media online. It uses BitTorrent in the background as it loads up a movie or program and streams it in real time. It is very easy to use this to get quality programs, but there are concerns about how Popcorn Time might be illegal in some places.

Because it works on the BitTorrent protocol, there is a potential that it might be illegal where you are. It has been blocked in the United Kingdom and Germany among a few other places.

You can use a VPN to get past the block on this site. With a virtual private network, you can watch anything you want on Popcorn Time without worrying about any restrictions relating to what you can access.

A New IP Is Possible for Popcorn Time

With a VPN, you will use a new IP that is based far outside of where you are located. The VPN will assign a new IP address to your name. This works like your regular IP is taken over and then encrypted. The VPN will use the encryption to cover up your IP and to use a separate IP number as a key replacement. This makes it appear as though your IP is located in a different location from where you are really at.

When you use the new IP address, you will avoid having to bear with the blocks that come with where you are. The Popcorn Time server will identify the IP you have gotten from the VPN instead of your real one. As a result, you will not be blocked from the site because you have an IP-based out of the UK or other places where it is illegal.

Still, you should check on how the server you use works. You must choose a server based on the location you want to get online through. Don’t forget to find one that is quick and easy to use.

What VPNs Work Best with Popcorn Time?

There are many quality VPN options for you to check out when getting onto Popcorn Time. TorGuard is a place that offers thousands of different virtual server options from all corners of the world. IPVanish is also popular for its simple and free software that makes it easy for you to link up to various servers.

The PIA option is also worth looking into. This helps you to review different points on specific servers so you can choose one carefully before getting online.

All three of these options work with a variety of devices in mind. They can work with not only your regular computer but also a convenient mobile device. These all work for Android and iOS alike.

You should look at how well a VPN will help you with getting around Popcorn Time. A VPN will help you stay online and avoid problems relating to blocks in your area that might keep you from accessing the site. It is all easy to use and isn’t too complicated or tough in any manner.

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