How to Prevent DMCA Warnings from ISP for only $2 a Month?

How to Prevent DMCA Warnings from ISP for only $2 a Month?

If you are torrenting without a VPN active, chances are that you have received an email from your ISP threatening to cut off or cancel your service if it happens again. You might be wondering, how did this happen?

Well, when you go to a website and download a torrent file into your native BitTorrent application, and you start downloading that file, your IP address can be seen by everyone else who is downloading the file.

So copyright protection companies like to log these IPs and direct them to IPs of people downloading files they aren’t suppose to. So how can you prevent this? Well, if you’re worried about money, and want the cheapest VPN to use to precent DMCA warnings from your ISP, then you’ve come to the right place.

Normal Cost of VPNs?

Most VPNs go for $10 a month up to $18 a month for the most egregious expensive ones. You can find VPNs like ExpressVPN and NordVPN most commonly being recommended which are overpriced in my opinion. ExpressVPN cost $13 a month and NordVPN cost $12.

NordVPN is my favorite VPN to “shit” on, since it represents what you should stay away from. You overpay and it under delivers. But don’t just take it from me, see these screenshots below from actual Reddit users.

How to Prevent DMCA Warnings from ISP for only $2 a Month?

NordVPN likes to have a sale to draw in customers by committing to three years for around $75 dollars. So either a customer has to overpay for one month, or commit to three years? How does that makes sense?

But customers find that after a few months of service, their speeds get bandwidth capped, or even restricted. This user above finds his speeds went down dramatically, and the user below is limited in upload speeds. Pretty ridiculous right?

How to Prevent DMCA Warnings from ISP for only $2 a Month?

You don’t need to spend that much.

Best Cheapest VPN for Torrenting to Prevent Letters from ISP?

So how can you find a legit VPN that doesn’t cap speeds, and is also fairly priced? Well you can think of it logically. You need a VPN that offers decent pricing for EVERY option, not just pushing people into 3 year long commitments.

You also need a VPN with a good reputation, with minimal reports of complaints or actual users finding fault with it. I’ve done my research and I’ve found that VPN. It’s our #1 rated VPN on this website. TorGuard VPN starts at $5 a month, $30 for one year, or $50 for two years. Want to know how its so cheap? Well, it’s because TorGuard is generous with their promo codes. My code “best10VPN” is not unique. There are hundreds of 50% off codes out there, and they run ALL the time. It’s not an exclusive deal or a trick.

You get options, and that’s legit. Every option is affordable, so you know you aren’t being tricked into a long term commitment with capped speeds after a few months. The best option is the two year plan for $50 which equates to $2 a month.

For $2 a month, you get the fastest VPN for torrenting and it’s the cheapest. I’ve tested it and it’s the fastest VPN for downloads, lowest ping, and among the lowest in upload as well. Other websites like PCMag have even rated TorGuard VPN the fastest VPN in their tests. 

Visit TorGuard

Spark has a simple mission to help you chose the best VPN without any bias. Which VPN do I use? See it here!

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