How to Unblock Fortnite IP Ban

How to Unblock Fortnite IP Ban

Are you banned in Fortnite and want to figure out how to unblock the ban or remove the ban to get access? Fortnite ban’s operate on an IP level which means that Epic can detect your computer’s “virtual location”, or IP, and stop you from playing the game.

When you use an online service, app, website or anything–your public IP is available for these services to see. So if you did something stupid while playing Fortnite–like cheating, then you might have encountered this message: “You were removed from the match due to your IP, VPN, machine, or cheating. We recommend not utilizing VPN or proxy services while attempting to play Fortnite.”

Epic game has the right to ban your account since it is their game. However, if you’ve invested a lot of time into Fortnite becoming good at game, then it’s a huge disappointment to see access revoked. If you want to keep playing with your friends, you will have to get around the IP ban from Epic games with something like a VPN. VPNs are also good at helping you play Fortnite at school, incase you are having problems accessing it within strict firewalls that schools and even workplaces have. This guide is a one stop shop to unblocking IP bans in Fortnite and unblocking any restrictions that could prevent you from playing Fortnite.

Video Tutorial on Removing Ban in Fortnite:

3 Step Method to Removing IP Ban

  1. Find a good VPN that works well with video games. You don’t want to get an expensive VPN like ExpressVPN or NordVPN. Get something like TorGuard VPN which is super cheap and high quality.
  2. Once you buy a subscription (you can get it as low as $2-5 a month) you need to download the VPN client onto your computer. From here, install it, and pick a server that is nearby your location to maximize speeds.
  3. Once you pick a server, connect, and then you will be assigned a new anonymous IP which will let you login to Epic Games with a new account that isn’t IP banned. If you are banned, you probably have to say goodbye to your old account–unfortunately.
  4. Once you are connected, you can play Fortnite. You can watch me in the above video to see me playing Fortnite with a VPN successfully.

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Can a VPN Unblock Fortnite at School?

If you are at university, or another school like Highschool or middle school, you might not be able to play Fortnite due to port or firewall restrictions. With a VPN, you can change your port to get access to Fortnite. Not only that, but VPNs work on tablets and phones with Wi-Fi so you can get access to Fortnite on iPad or iPhone or Android.

Is using VPN with Fortnite Illegal?

Nope! Epic may not want you to use a VPN with Fortnite to get around bans, but it’s not illegal to use a VPN to play Fortnite. It is illegal to provide other users with cheats with Fortnite.

Are VPNS Really Worth the Price?

Yep! VPNs are essential if you like to torrent, or if you value internet security. I wouldn’t be caught dead using Wi-Fi at Starbucks, Airports, or any other internet cafe. Not only that, but VPNs are useful when you want to spoof your location to trick websites into not recognizing you as a user (some websites catalogue your IP, like Reddit prevents upvotes from a user with the same IP).

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