IPVanish VPN Discount Coupon

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IPVanish VPN is one of our favorite VPNs here at Best10VPN. That’s why we’re excited to give you this IPVanish VPN discount coupon that gives you 50% off! They are doing a one-day promotion today since it’s their fourth birthday. Just click the image below for your discount:

IPVanish VPN Discount Coupon

What’s go great about IPVanish VPN?

We did a full review of IPVanish VPN and were impressed by many things. They have affordable pricing–or standard pricing, depending on your price budget–normally around $9.99. But the real meat of IPVanish VPN comes in it’s advanced software in it’s various incarnations.

IPVanish VPN’s software manages to be both customizable and user-friendly at the same time. There are multiple settings to adjust like protocols, a helpful overview of servers, button toggles for customizing your VPN experience based on your need (streaming, browsing, etc.). IPVanish VPN also lets you connect to your account within the application which is helpful.

When you get to the mobile app, you have the option to customize when your phone connects to a VPN based on Wi-Fi location, or even a particular website like Facebook.

With a background in content delivery, it’s not a surprise that all of IPVanish VPN’s servers are extremely stable with unlimited speeds available.

On the privacy front, IPVanish VPN doesn’t collect logs, and it utilizes strong encryption.

While IPVanish VPN isn’t our top rated VPN, it’s still a steal at this price point with this IPVanish VPN discount coupon. It should fit most average users!

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