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Go90 in UK

Millennials are a unique generation. They were born and raised in a crucial period of time: the eighties and nineties. They were surrounded by the pop culture revolution, with an innovative way to produce and watch television and consume music. They, too, were exposed to most of the prominent technological advances that we know today: Internet, mobile phones, computers, games, and more.

That is why, thinking about millennials and the wonderful business opportunities, Verizon developed a streaming service destined to broadcast and produce content for these people: the Go90. We will explain everything about this fantastic app later in this piece.

Another act associated with millennials, although more accurately attributed to Generation Z, is online streaming. Whereas our grandparents grew up listening to the radio and our parents sat for hours in front of a TV, the two aforementioned generational cohorts took advantage of a fast Internet connection and mobile devices, namely smartphones, tablets, and laptops, to reproduce series, films, shows, documentaries, concerts, and short features via streaming.

Go90: the app for millennials

Go90 is a streaming service for video content. It is a product created and developed by the network and communications giants Verizon. The company is based in the United States of America.

Go90 was designed with Millennials in mind, and the content available for streaming is suitable for this specific generation, as well as parts of other cohorts, such as Generation X and Generation Z.

Go90 was introduced to the market in October 2015 and offers users the opportunity to enjoy exciting content in the form of films, TV shows, clips, and even live sporting events. There are options for every taste.

To the contrary of numerous video streaming services available online these days, Go90 is free and ad-supported. It does not require a subscription to use, but it does ask you to create a valid account.

A little history

Advertising and marketing campaigns promoting the go90 app targeted millennials from the very beginning. That is why the “90” is assumed to be the year 1990, a period of time strongly associated with this generation.

According to Verizon’s Brian Angiolet, millennials are notorious cord cutters and “their favorite content is not coming from traditional networks”. Evidence suggests that millennials and generation Z are fond of online streaming as an entertainment method.

Verizon’s plan was to launch 50-55 new, short episode series at the moment of go90’s market inception. The investment amount provided by the telecommunication network was considerable, checking in at $200 million.

Approximately 2.1 million monthly average users enjoy the services that go90 and Verizon provide. Starting in late-March 2017, go90 redesigned its mobile app, and the focus was to improve discovery and content recommendations and prioritize live content, mainly sports.

Go90 original series

Other shows you can stream with go90

  • Smosh
  • Beth
  • Daily Vice
  • Guidance
  • 5tages
  • Crooked World
  • Clevver News
  • Uninterrupted
  • FailFive
  • Life Hacks

Can you enjoy the Go90 app outside of the United States of America?

Although it remains a very popular streaming service, go90 is available exclusively within the United States territory, with a few notable exceptions: starting from March 2018, some of the content is now available in some other countries thanks to Tumblr.

As the service is geo-blocked because of licensing and location reasons, international users or American expats living in other nations often have a hard time accessing their accounts and enjoying the exciting content that go90 is destined to provide.

However, there is a watch go90 in almost every country, even in the UK. We all know that the British love entertainment options, especially TV programs. They have a wide array of options, ranging from a customized Netflix region to the BBC iPlayer. Most of the prominent channels, such as ITV, BBC, Sky, and others, have streaming apps.

The perfect method to overcome the dreaded geo-blocking message that will surely appear if you try to watch go90 from the UK – “Sorry, go90™ Mobile TV Network is only available in the US right now” – is hiring the services of a VPN provider.

VPN: open the gates of entertainment

Virtual Private Networks, or VPN, are perfect resources for achieving content encryption online. With the recent rise in cyber crimes, users need to protect their online privacy, and VPN technology does just that because it can hide the users’ IP address and generated content to safeguard all from the advance of hackers, illegal or unauthorized cryptocurrency miners, Internet Service Providers giving logs of your activity to governmental surveillance companies, annoying online stores sending personalized ads, and more.

VPNs use encryption methods named protocols to achieve their mission of protecting your content. Some of them are OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, IKEv2, and then old PPTP. On top of offering you online privacy, this technology can unblock all kinds of international streaming services, such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Kodi, the BBC iPlayer, and of course, go90.

Like most of the streaming services and sites all around the world, go90 is restricted for broadcasting content only in the location in which it functions, which is the United States. That means that only Americans, or people currently living or visiting the US territory, can enjoy go90’s original series under normal circumstances.

However, with a VPN, you can spoof your location and make the system believe that you are physically within American territory when you are actually in another location. By connecting to a US server via your preferred VPN app, you can watch go90 in any country, even the UK.

How to create a free go90 account and watch content in the UK

Go90 is a free service, but you need to create an account nevertheless. With it and the help of a VPN, you can stream hundreds of TV shows, even original ones, from any country of the world.

  • Find a reliable VPN service provider with servers in the United States of America.
  • Sign up with a VPN: you need to provide a valid email address, your name, and a payment method.
  • Download and install the VPN app or client on your streaming device.
  • Log in your recently created VPN account with the username and password you provided in the registration phase.
  • Connect to an American VPN server.
  • Go to the Go90 website.
  • Click on ‘Sign Up’ in the top-right corner.
  • Write your email and password.
  • Enter your preferred username, first and last name, gender, and date of birth.
  • Click on ‘Sign Up’.
  • Now you can watch Go90 in the UK and every other nation of the planet.

Best VPN to watch go90 in UK

  • TorGuard: With more than 3,000 servers in 55 countries (including the UK) and the ability to connect five different devices at the same time, TorGuard is arguably the best VPN to watch go90 inside the British territory. It has fast speeds, the most secure encryption in the field, and if you ever experience any issues or problems, you have the most responsive customer service to help you through it.
  • IPVanish: For people that want to watch Go90 in the UK, IPVanish is one of the top choices because it can reach speeds that almost no other VPN can. Additionally, it has 750 servers in 60 nations and 40,000 IP addresses to give away. Its exciting security features, such as DNS leak protection and a kill switch, make IPVanish one of the preferred options for users of this wonderful app.
  • Private Internet Access: TorGuard and IPVanish are two of the most sought-after VPN brands for people looking to watch go90 in the UK, but Private Internet Access can provide a similar service for a fraction of the cost: whereas the top two VPNs listed here charge you $10 per month, PIA costs no more than $6.95. It has secure Wi-Fi, no logs, and more than 3,000 servers in 29 countries.
  • GhostVPN: With an enticing set of features and an attractive design, GhostVPN is quickly rising up the VPN leaderboard. It has stealth VPN, AES 256-bit encryption, OpenVPN support, a 15-day money-back guarantee, and 1,600 servers in 55 nations around the globe, one of them being Great Britain.

In conclusion, go90 is a fantastic offering that lets millennials and members of other generational cohorts enjoy exciting TV shows, series, movies, and live sporting events for free. It is restricted for use within the US territory, but with a VPN, you can spoof your location and unblock its shows from anywhere in the world, including the UK.

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