Learn How to Unblock UK Channels on Roku: It’s Easy!

Unblock UK Channels on Roku


The Internet changed our lives in ways we cannot even realize. It was impossible for people thirty or forty years ago to imagine themselves living around computers, Wi-Fi connection, and online streaming. Just imagine the expression in people faces that long ago when hearing the term “online streaming”!

Fortunately, the Internet allows us to watch online streaming. Because of the many tools available for that, we can enjoy live games, shows, TV series, movies, short films, documentaries, talk shows, and just about anything we want thanks to the Internet.

The Internet also powers set-top boxes or devices that allow us to broadcast and reproduce over-the-top content like Roku. This invention is a beneficial tool to gain access to some of the most sought TV channels out there.

But Roku has, like many devices and services in the world these days, geographical restrictions. If you live in the United States of America and purchase a Roku there, for example, it won’t have access to the same channels as a Roku acquired in the United Kingdom. They will not operate in the same location, and the system will offer you different channels as a result.

How can British people living abroad do if they want to watch their favorite shows from back home? Without help, they will not be able to do it. They have to find a way to unblock UK channels on Roku. Fortunately, you can do it.

There are two ways to achieve your goal. One is by setting up a Virtual Private Network server, and the other one involves getting the help of a Smart DNS proxy server. Both can help you reach your dream and enjoying your favorite British shows without any issues.

A little bit about Roku

Learn How to Unblock UK Channels on Roku: It’s Easy!

Roku is one of the most recently developed online streaming devices in the market. It is a set-top box that serves as an output tool to reproduce over-the-top content: you can enjoy live games and analysis, the latest news, shows, TV series, movies, documentaries and other audiovisual productions of your liking.

This digital media/entertainment player uses Wi-Fi to get data and transmit it to a router. It will then project this media to a TV or similar device via an HDMI cable, or more traditional connection means like audio/video cables.

Roku entered the technology and streaming market nine years ago, precisely in 2008. Anthony Wood founded the company and gave it that name because it means “six” in Japanese, a reference to the “sixth” brand of his ownership at the time.

The company’s first device was the Roku DVP in 2008. After five generations, they created different models like the Roku Express, Roku Express+; Roku Premiere, Roku Premiere+ and Roku Ultra, the latter being the newest.

Available channels on Roku

British television is one of the most important contributions of the country to global culture. Actors, actresses, directors, producers, and productions made in the United Kingdom are widely known around the world and continually receive accolades for their talent.

It is no secret that British television is highly sought after in the world, primarily by those British living or working abroad for different reasons. Roku, being an online streaming service, is a beneficial tool with this goal in mind.

You can unblock UK channels in Roku either with a smart DNS proxy server, or with a Virtual Private Network, or VPN. With any of these two, you will be able to watch Great Britain television from anywhere in the world: it does not matter if you are in China, Argentina, USA, Canada, Spain, Germany, Australia, India or Japan.

Some of the most famous channels that you can watch that are British or have content directed to people in the United Kingdom are BBC, Youtube, Channel Four on Demand, Netflix, Sky Store, ITV Player, Now TV, Wuaki.tv, iPlayer, Spotify, GoPro, Amazon, Plex, Food Network, 4Music, Travel Channel, Fashion TV, Al-Jazeera, and Google Play, among hundreds of other options.

How to create a UK Roku account

Many channels are available on the Roku entertainment system, but first, you have to trick the system into thinking your connection is coming from the United Kingdom. You will need this because it is the only way to unblock UK channels on Roku later.

First, you have to create a UK account on your Roku device. You will need to follow a series of steps to accomplish that. These are the guidelines:

  • Reset your device.
  • Configure your network with either a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or a Smart DNS (Domain Name Server)
  • Go the configuration page on your Roku device and sign up for a new account.
  • Log in with your recently created UK account.
  • Add the British channels to the system.
  • Done! You can successfully create a UK Roku account with ease.

Unblock UK channels on Roku with VPN

Learn How to Unblock UK Channels on Roku: It’s Easy!

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, can help you bypass geographical restrictions, or geo-blocking, and borrow a British IP address, so you can unblock UK channels on Roku and stream your way out of boredom anywhere, anytime.

VPN has many advantages and benefits: it encrypts your data so no third parties can intercept it and use them to harm you. It will decrease your Internet connection a little, but it is a small price to pay for all the right things it brings to your life.

VPN can unblock content for almost every site in the world, even avoiding some security controls of pages and internet providers, like Transparent Proxies or DNS Hijacking.

There are many good options when it comes to VPN, but the best for this task is TorGuard. It will help you unblock UK channels on Roku with no problems, and if by any chance you experience some unfortunate issue or event, its customer service takes care of you all day, every day.

To configure your way into unblocking UK content on your Roku, you must:

  • Install a VPN on a VPN-compatible router.
  • Share the router’s VPN connection with your router.
  • Start your Roku device.
  • Log in to your UK account.
  • Done! You can successfully access the best content of British television.

Other good VPN options:

Learn How to Unblock UK Channels on Roku: It’s Easy! Learn How to Unblock UK Channels on Roku: It’s Easy!
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Unblock UK channels on Roku with Smart DNS

A Smart DNS server is a useful tool that can help you with your current predicament as well. It reroutes the location and geographical data of your connection and lets you choose a server of your preference, also bypassing geo-blocking of some pages and devices, like Roku.

DNS does not slow down your internet speed and works on many devices, so it comes in handy if you want to get access to the best UK channels on Roku. Smart DNS will not work in the presence of DNS Hijacking or Transparent Proxies, though.

To configure Smart DNS proxy server and gain entry to the UK channels on Roku, you need to:

  • Acquire the services of a quality DNS proxy server.
  • Set up your router with DNS.
  • Done! You can now have a good time watching British movies, and TV stars do their thing.

In conclusion, don’t get mad or frustrated if you are a British outside your native country and missing the TV schedule you used to watch not so long ago. There are ways to unblock UK channels on Roku, so all you have to do is get the device, set up a good and fast Internet connection and acquire either a VPN or a DNS proxy server. Any of the two will get you what you want.

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