Play Fornite with a VPN to Unblock Bans and Restrictions

Play Fornite with a VPN to Unblock Bans and Restrictions

If you’re a Fortnite lover, I can’t blame you. The game has an addicting gameplay loop with lots of risk, and lots of reward. It’s the most played game on Twitch and most likely the most played game on mobile and PC as well as console at the moment. Let’s just say it, the game is HOT. However, you might be having trouble accessing Fortnite for a variety of reasons and we’re here to help you. If you’re unable or restricted to access Fortnite, or you got IP banned with Fortnite, this guide will help you unblock Fortnite so you can keep playing with your friends.

If you’re looking for just the quickest answer to unblocking Fornite, check out one of these VPNs below. However, if you want more details on why you need a VPN for Fortnite, feel free to skip these recommended VPNs and continue on down below to see why you might need a VPN and how they can help you with Fortnite.

Are VPNs allowed for Fortnite?

According to Epic games and their Terms of Service, there are no clauses about not being able to use VPNs. It is not stated that VPN is prohibited. However, if you really want Epic games to not be able to tell if you are using a VPN, you need to get a “dedicated IP” which is a completly unique IP to you. This will be a small extra fee, and not every VPN provider offers one. However, my top rated VPN, TorGuard, does. You can also use this to bypass Netflix geo-restrictions by country, and there are other uses as well which I’ve made in my best VPN dedicated IP address guide.

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Best VPNs to Use with Fortnite?

Play Fornite with a VPN to Unblock Bans and Restrictions

Finding a VPN to use for Fortnite isn’t as easy as you’d think. You can’t just go find any old VPN and expect it to work well. Most free VPNs on the iOS store and Google Play Store are complete horse baloney, and I’ve tested a good amount on both stores to find most free VPNs simply incompetent when it comes to speeds, security, and even pricing. The bottom line is that free VPNs simply aren’t good for gaming.

FREE VPN for Fortnite?

Sure they might be OK for browsing once in awhile, but since free VPNs have slow speeds and can’t torrent, a vast majority of use cases aren’t even plausible. To truly find the best VPN for Fortnite you need a VPN that has good speeds, security, cheap pricing, torrent compatibility, a no-log policy, and multiple apps so you can use your VPN on any platform.

So which VPNs meet those requirements for the best VPN for Fortnite?

Best Paid VPNs to Use?

Well, there are three. TorGuard, Private Internet Access, and IPVanish. These three VPNs top my VPN rankings for good reasons. TorGuard is probably the best choice out of all of them since it combines the best speeds, security, and other features into one package. It’s also the cheapest since they give out discount codes like crazy (“Best10VPN” code gives you 50% off lifetime!).

PIA is a really good choice since it’s so cheap without a discount code, and it’s widely popular and used very often due to it’s simply but powerful nature. IPVanish competes alongside TorGuard and PIA with great speeds and powerful apps as well. Use the chart below to see some differences between these top 3 tier 1 VPNs!

Play Fornite with a VPN to Unblock Bans and Restrictions Play Fornite with a VPN to Unblock Bans and Restrictions
Multi-platform Compatible
256-AES Encryption
PRICE $5 for 1 month with code "best10VPN" $6.95 a month
Website Rating 9.9 8.8
24/7 Live Chat
Residential / Dedicated IP for permanent streaming access
Has Mobile App + PC / Mac Support
Stealth VPN / Advanced Obfuscation techniques
Visit VPN Provider Visit TorGuard Visit PIA

What is a VPN and Why Use with Fortnite?

Play Fornite with a VPN to Unblock Bans and Restrictions

VPN stands for virtual private network. Think of a VPN like antivirus but for your internet, and with more use cases than just security. Basically you get a paid subscription to access the VPN, then you download their app, pick a nearby server, and connect. When you connect, you are connecting to a remote server that changes your IP and encrypts your internet traffic. When your traffic is encrypted, your ISP and any other entity can’t see your internet browsing history or what you are doing. VPNs allow you to torrent without getting copyright notices, they let you use unsecured public Wi-Fi securely, and they have a bunch of other uses like letting you get around strict firewalls at work or school.

Unblock IP Ban with Fortnite

If you got a temporary or extended IP ban with Fortnite, you’ll need a VPN, since VPNs change your IP and let you get around IP bans. It’s not entirely clear how Epic decides who gets banned and why, and in some cases, it could be due to an accident. With a VPN, you can use a different IP that is not banned on Fortnite.

Fix Latency with Fortnite

Sometimes when playing games, ISPs try to slow down bandwidth usage to keep the network stable for all users. By using a VPN, you can hide your traffic type from your ISP and unlock better speeds. Additionally, sometimes you can decrease the distance from you to a video game server by connecting to a server closer to Epic Game’s servers. This could potentially give you better speeds.

Unblock Fortnite at Schools or Work

If you’re at university, or even a public school, or even work Fortnite might be blocked now due to how popular and addicting it is for students. By using a VPN, however, you can get around Wi-Fi restrictions and be able to play your game unrestricted and since VPNs provide you with anonymity, you can’t be caught!

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Unblock Country Restrictions Fortnite

A lot of countries in the world block video games. Take for example, on user I found on the epic forums. User “BHE” wrote “well, my country (Egypt) is blocking VOIP connections so we have to use vpn in order to access the ingame voice chat, this is affecting us in a bad way..”

It’s pretty common for voice communications to be blocked in online games in certain countries like Egypt. So if you’re in Egypt, and you want to play Fortnite with the best voip, you’ll need to use a VPN. In some PC cafes around the world, people also have trouble accessing Fortnite, so a VPN is often mandatory to use.

Is  it Legal to use a VPN with Fortnite?

Short answer. YES!

Is it legal to use a VPN to play with video games? This might seem a bit silly to ask, but trust me, I understand where you are coming from. Security and privacy are a serious concern around the world, but Epic Games can’t do anything to you legally if you use a VPN.

If you live in Russia or China, using a VPN could get you in some trouble (maybe) but so many Russians and Chinese use VPNs to access content that it’d be hard to single you out, especially if you’re not doing anything questionable.

VPNs protect even criminals in countries around the world, although I wouldn’t conducting doing illegal activity with one. VPNs are completely safe and legal to use, just like an internet browser is, just don’t do anything bad with it since you don’t want to be a douche!

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How to Setup a VPN to use with Fornite

Confused on how to setup a VPN for Fortnite? Well for PC, it’s quite simple, and we’ll detail how to setup Fortnite mobile below.

For PC, simply find the best VPN. I’d recommend one of the three I mentioned above. Once you pick, signup for a subscription, then you’ll most likely get an email with your login credentials. Download their VPN app, install it as per normal, then pick a server nearby your location. Click “connect” and you’re pretty much good to go once you launch Fortnite and start playing!

Fortnite Mobile Blocked?

Is Fortnite Mobile blocked? It’s quite easy to unblock Fortnite mobile in the same way that you would do so on the PC. All you need is a VPN that has an app on the iOS store for iPad and iPhone. From here, download the app, install it and open it, use your purchased login credentials, and then play the game! This can help you incase Fortnite is blocked due to firewalls at school, work, or public Wi-Fi.

How to Setup a VPN to use Play Fortnite Mobile

In the video above, I show you how to play Fortnite unblocked on iPad. You can use the same method for iPhone, or even Android once it comes out to Android phones. Simply download TorGuard and get a subscription, connect, and you’re good to go!

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Spark has a simple mission to help you chose the best VPN without any bias. Which VPN do I use? See it here!

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