Protect Yourself from Donald Trump’s Online Privacy Policies

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Ever since Donald Trump became the President of the US, internet users’ online privacy has been dropping more and more. Not only was FCC’s privacy policy completely shut down even before its official start, but also the new legislation came in its place.

So, with net neutrality being a thing of the past, completely destroying online privacy was as easy as you can imagine. Right now, while you are reading this, your ISP is recording every one of your online actions. That data will probably end up in the hands of some advertising company that will analyze your browsing history.

They do so in order to target you with ads more precisely, which will increase their sales. Right now, you must learn how to protect yourself and stop giving away data. Your privacy is at stake here. You are being monitored, tracked, maybe even spied on through your camera and microphone. Don’t allow that. Here is what you can do to stop it.

Use Linux-based system

Accessing your system’s source code is pretty much the only way for you to ever know for sure if you have a secret backdoor. You can’t do that on other systems, but Linux allows that.

Accessing it will allow you to check for backdoors, and finally know if you are truly safe, or if someone is watching. It is always better to know than to spend all your time wondering.

Leave your smartphone at home

Thanks to GPS devices that almost all smartphones today have, you will never know if someone is tracking you in real time. The only way to know that you are safe is to leave your phone at home. Well, that is the best possibility.

An alternative is to use an Android-based smartphone. Thanks to their encryption, they can provide you with little more security and privacy when it comes to your location. You still should not drop your guard, but you can now at least relax a little.

Send messages through Signal

For those who don’t like separating themselves from their smartphones, or if you need them for other reasons, send your messages through Signal. It has some of best encryptions, and it will keep your messages safe.

Actually, it is so good, that it has become one of the biggest names in the world of online privacy. It even has support from people like Bruce Schneier, and Edward Snowden.

Disable your microphone and camera

Hacking your microphone and camera is not very difficult on any device. However, they can provide a lot of information about you, by simply using them for eavesdropping. By using your camera, hackers can even take pictures of you without you even realizing this.

These hackers might work for Trump, or they might be regular cyber criminals, either way, your security is in danger.

Use disc encryption

You can use disc encryption for both Linux and Mac. That way, all of your data will be under protection, and nobody will be able to steal it. It will slow you down a bit, but it is totally worth it since you will have ultimate protection.

Use a VPN

Finally, we have a VPN as a solution. VPNs work for pretty much any device that you might want to use. They will protect you completely, and to do that, they will use encryption, protocols, and even their server networks can help.

Protocols will shield your traffic from view, and create a secure tunnel around it. This tunnel is very hard to breach, and you will know that your data is safe inside. However, since nothing is ever perfect, there is always a possibility that your data might leak. That is why VPNs use encryption.

With some of the strongest encryptions protecting your data flow, even if someone did manage to record some of it, they wouldn’t know what they are looking at.

And lastly, VPNs also protect you with their server networks. With servers placed all around the world, you can appear to be from somewhere else. Neither your ISP nor Trump’s spying agencies will connect your online actions back to you thanks to this method.

And if you are wondering which VPNs are the best for this sort of thing, we can recommend IPVAnish, PIA, GhostVPN, or TorGuard. All of them are great, cheap, and they will keep you safe. In the end, the choice is yours.

Protect Yourself from Donald Trump’s Online Privacy Policies  Protect Yourself from Donald Trump’s Online Privacy Policies  Protect Yourself from Donald Trump’s Online Privacy Policies
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No matter if you are a Trump supporter or not, his methods of reducing online privacy impacts everyone. The fact is that everyone has something to hide, and even if your ‘crime’ is not big and important, you might still get in trouble for something.

A hacker will find something that will make you look bad if they get the chance. So don’t give them one, protect yourself any way you can, and use a VPN as your best defense.

Ali is a freelance journalist with 5 years of experience in web journalism and marketing. He contributes to various online publications. With a master degree, now he combines his passions for writing about internet security and technology. When he is not working, he loves traveling and playing games.

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