Secure Your iOS 12 Device with these Recommendations and Tools

Secure Your iOS 12

Apple, maybe the world’s top tech company recently released the iOS 12, a new and improved version of its operating system for iPads and iPhones. The launch came almost exactly a year after the iOS 11 came along. Given the bleak online safety landscape these days, it is critical that users take the appropriate measures to secure their iOS 12 devices.

Previous OS updates feature tons of new offerings and capabilities for users to enjoy. However, in this case, the tech giant focuses more on improving security issues regarding the iOS 11 than anything else. That’s why there aren’t numerous fancy new things.

IOS 12 security fixes

Here, you can see most of the security fixes that Apple performed in its latest operating system update, the iOS 12:

  • The new iOS 12 solved the account identifier problem.
  • The Bluetooth traffic interception problem was also solved.
  • The new iOS 12 prevents apps from getting information from the camera view before being allowed access.
  • Web browser (Safari) URL spoofing issue.
  • The issue regarding local users being able to read a user’s deleted notes and see his/her visited pages was also fixed.
  • Applications no longer read restricted memory.
  • Users aren’t able to discover another person’s deleted messages anymore.
  • All users are now able to delete their browsing history.
  • Now the system can find the last used app on an iOS device from the lock screen.
  • Malicious websites no longer collaborate with address bar spoofing.
  • The issue regarding dangerous sites exfiltrating auto-filled data in the Safari browser was solved.
  • Attackers spoofing password prompts in the iTunes Store are no longer an issue.
  • Malicious external agents aren’t able to exploit vulnerabilities in the RC4 cryptographic algorithm anymore.

IOS 12 new features and updates

Now, while Apple focused on improving security issues and enhance usability for its users, the iOS 12 operating system does have some new and exciting features and updates over the iOS 11. There aren’t a lot, but they are noteworthy nonetheless.

Here are some of the new features and updates:

  • The animations are better overall: faster and smoother than the iOS 11.
  • The performance was improved to be more responsive and quicker.
  • There is increased versatility when it comes to Animojiis and Memojis.
  • The keyboard is shown 50% faster than iOS 11.
  • FaceTime now allows group conversations, with audio and video.
  • The swipe to camera option is 70% faster than the iOS 11.
  • The apps launch 40% faster than the iOS 11.
  • Password reuse auditing.
  • Parental Control has more configurations.
  • The appearance of the Do Not Disturb feature.
  • There are grouped notifications.
  • The automation of Strong Passwords.
  • Enhanced AR experiences.
  • Security Code AutoFill.

How to secure your iOS 12 device

Data privacy and online security are at a premium, no doubt about that. Although there is no danger in downloading the new OS right now, there are always threats out there that can compromise the safety of your assets. Here is how you can secure your iOS device:

Before you update:

  • Backup your device: Save the files that you don’t want to lose on the iCloud service or your computer by arranging a recent back-up. It is a necessary step if you’re going to be able to retain access to specific documents and files.
  • Remember your passwords: We have to remember lots of passwords these days: banking accounts, social media, email, and tons of others. That’s why you need to have a notebook or agenda to write down your credentials to log back into your account at the moment of updating to iOS 12. A piece of paper will suffice if you don’t want to have it written permanently in your belongings.
  • Delete unused apps in your phone: The more apps you have at the moment of updating, the harder it will be for your device. It makes no sense carrying around apps and documents that you haven’t used for months, so deleting the will help you secure your iOS 12 device.
  • Establish the right conditions for upgrading: The upgrade process takes a lot of energy from your battery and installing apps takes up bandwidth, so plugging your phone or tablet into its charger and connecting to a secure Wi-Fi network are necessary steps to secure your iOS 12 device.

To secure your iOS 12 device:

  • Enable USB Restricted Mode to make hacking more difficult: The features prevents any accessories from connecting to your phone or tablet, such as headphones or USB cables, when your device has been locked for at least an hour, making it more difficult for hackers to use tools to bypass your lock screen passcode.
  • Make sure automatic iOS updates are turned on: Constant upgrading will make sure your device has the right tools to fight new vulnerabilities in your system.
  • Stronger passcodes: Users can now configure number-only passcodes of any length, upgrading from the old four-digit system of previous versions.
  • Enabling two-factor authentication: Now, criminals need your phone to enter your system if you have two-factor authentication enabled successfully. Better yet, iOS 12 has a new feature that auto-fills the code.
  • Use a VPN: Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are tools that enhance online security and data privacy by hiding the user’s IP address and traffic, rerouting that information to remote servers away from the hands of Internet Service Providers, search engines and pages collecting data logs, hackers, crypto miners, censorship, governmental surveillance, advertisers, and other annoying agents or scenarios.

TorGuard: top encryption for your iOS 12

TorGuard is the top VPN app in the market. It is highly compatible with most devices and operating systems, including the iOS 12, which means you can secure your device with no issues. There is multiprotocol availability, the ability to connect five simultaneous devices, a fantastic customer service, and more than 3,000 servers in 55 nations.

In conclusion, iOS 12 is here, and its performance is smoother and much improved when compared to iOS 11. In a world filled with data breaches, hacking attacks, and privacy violations, it is crucial that you secure your iOS 12 device with a VPN and a series of measures explained here.

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