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Netflix Proxy Error? Here are VPNs That Still Work

Update on Netflix Proxy Error 2018 We’ve been doing a large amount of testing and listening to VPN users on social media as well as talking to customer live chat agents from various VPN providers. It’s been nearly two years now since Netflix starting the Netflix Proxy Error crusade! If you’re reading this, chances are that you have encountered the following Netflix proxy error. &...[Read More]

How to Get Rid of Netflix Proxy Error on Mac

The Netflix Proxy Error on Mac is a serious problem that can hinder your streaming abilities. Netflix is one of the–if not the best, streaming platforms around and the library of content just keeps getting bigger month by month. If you want to watch the new Marvel shows like Dare Devil, Jessica Jones, the new show–Defenders, then Netflix is where you want to be. The only bad thing is t...[Read More]

VPN Providers That Don’t Work With Netflix

This Netflix issue with VPN providers is getting out of hand. When we started covering it in January, we thought that it would be a minor issue. However, as the weeks rolled on by, we became increasingly aware of how aggressive Netflix is being with the great VPN block of 2016. We’ve covered in detail how to get access to Netflix with some VPNs, but until today, we haven’t made a giant...[Read More]

Hulu Proxy Error? Here are VPNs that Work

Were you looking to get your Hulu streaming on when you got a Hulu Proxy Error? Maybe you want to unblock Hulu so you can watch it worldwide. Hulu can give this error if it detects that an anonymous proxy or VPN is being used to access Hulu. Hulu explains that it prohibits the use of a VPN or proxy on their website: “Due to contracts with our Content Partners and Advertisers, Hulu is unable ...[Read More]

Is Using a VPN with Netflix Illegal? Australia Says No

Legal experts in Australia finally agreed that it would be a futile gesture to make VPN use with streaming services illegal. Many users in Australia use a VPN to access content libraries outside of their geo-restrictions. As an example, an Australian might use a VPN to get access to the larger United States library. A VPN makes this easy by changing your IP address actually to look like you’...[Read More]

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