VPN Providers That Don’t Work With Netflix

VPNs that Don’t Work with Netflix (1)

This Netflix issue with VPN providers is getting out of hand. When we started covering it in January, we thought that it would be a minor issue. However, as the weeks rolled on by, we became increasingly aware of how aggressive Netflix is being with the great VPN block of 2016. We’ve covered in detail how to get access to Netflix with some VPNs, but until today, we haven’t made a giant list of the VPN providers that don’t work with Netflix.  In the end, we’ll also point you to some that do.

(Note: This is not an all exclusive list, this is just some of the popular VPN providers–many more are not working. Feel free to let us know in the comments and we can add them).

Here are the VPN providers that don’t work with Netflix:

Private Internet Access

Private Internet has came out with a blog post (PIA has now taken down this post which is very suspectdetailing how they have virtually given up on Netflix streaming. However, users are still upset that their favorite VPN provider doesn’t allow them access to Netflix.  We liked Private Internet Access in our review, but you should know that Private Internet Access is one of the VPN providers that doesn’t work with Netflix, and might not ever again.VPN Providers That Don't Work With Netflix

IPVanish VPN

It seems like many users are reporting issues with IPVanish VPN–also one of our top rated VPNs that provides good security and speeds. IPVanish VPN is one of the biggest VPNs out there–which spells bad news for VPN users.VPN Providers That Don't Work With Netflix


While HideMyAss isn’t as reputable as it use to be, people still rely on it, and it’s not the worst VPN service out there. Unfortunately, users can no longer access Netflix with HideMyAss VPN.VPN Providers That Don't Work With Netflix


Like Private Internet Access, VyprVPN has officially come out and explained in a very nice way that they don’t work with Netflix. It’s a very “press-released” oriented blog post, but the result is all the same:

“While we recognize that some users expect to use our service to access streaming services, we cannot guarantee that VyprVPN will work with Netflix or other streaming providers going forward (nor can any other VPN provider.”VPN Providers That Don't Work With Netflix


ExpressVPN is a fast and easy to use VPN, but it’s also having problems with Netflix–despite having huge landing pages saying otherwise. This isn’t good news for this significant VPN provider.VPN Providers That Don't Work With Netflix


We have already covered issues with UnBlock Us, detailing their extensive rebranding of their website. I could definitely see how UnBlock US users feel betrayed by no responses coming from UnBlock US and their different goals for the end user.  UnBlock US use to be primarily marketed as a Netflix unblocker, and now it’s just another VPN.VPN Providers That Don't Work With Netflix

Which VPNs work with Netflix?


We haven’t reviewed VPN.AC yet, but we just tested their VPN service and found that, surprisingly, their servers are still working with Netflix. We aren’t sure why, but we tested that servers in the United States and Australia are working right now. It might be because VPN.AC is a smaller VPN provider or something related to their data centers. Regardless, VPN.AC is a worthy shot for the time being.

EDIT: Users have reported VPN.AC is no longer working with Netflix. 

TorGuard VPN

TorGuard VPN has been hit like all of the other VPNs–but they’ve just been the most responsive in providing their users with a solution. We’ve detailed their workarounds very extensively since users have reported great success with their methods. TorGuard VPN’s solution is to hand out shared dedicated IP addresses to users in live chat, which allows Netflix access since Netflix can’t blacklist these IP addresses as easily as normal shared anonymous shared IP addresses. For more information on how to use TorGuard VPN this way, check out this post.VPN Providers That Don't Work With Netflix

If you need help getting Netflix to work, or just have questions about VPNs, come on over to our forums. 

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  1. Also hideipvpn.com , does not work with netfilx.com

  2. SaferVPN does not work with Netflix and Hulu.

  3. As a follow-up to my prior post regarding SaferVPN, I made the switch to TorGuard.net based on the articles written by Tom Spark. I purchased a dedicated IP. The first IP did not work for me Support provided me another one and it has worked perfectly. I installed the client software on my Windows 10 PC, Android phone and OpenVPN client on my iPad and everything is working fantastic. I also configured my dd-wrt router using the manual OpenVPN instructions on TorGuard’s website. Again, no problems. If anything, my internet speed is much faster. I did not take a before and after metric, but it just seems to load websites much faster. I experience very little if any buffering on media sites.

  4. CyberGhost does not work with netflix.

  5. Astrill VPN has never worked. Checked again today 3-10-17


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