Hulu Proxy Error? Here are VPNs that Work


Were you looking to get your Hulu streaming on when you got a Hulu Proxy Error? Maybe you want to unblock Hulu so you can watch it worldwide. Hulu can give this error if it detects that an anonymous proxy or VPN is being used to access Hulu. Hulu explains that it prohibits the use of a VPN or proxy on their website:

Due to contracts with our Content Partners and Advertisers, Hulu is unable to stream videos to users of Anonymous Proxy servers (because of possible geographical limitations). If our system determines that your computer is behind an Anonymous Proxy, you will need to disable it before you can access videos on Hulu again.”

While this is unfortunate, some workarounds will still let you access Hulu with the use of a VPN.

Only those that live in the United States have access to Hulu, but a VPN can provide a complete all-access solution regardless of where you live.  With a VPN, you can access Hulu from South Africa, China, Australia, Europe–wherever! Hulu is set up to prevent VPNs since it has deals with content partners. So if you want to access everything on Hulu,  and you’re not in the United States, you have to use a VPN. It’s not illegal, in fact, it’s a grey area.

Australia just decided that it wasn’t illegal.  By using a VPN, you can forego geo-restrictions on the content you want, navigate around unnecessary censorship, and even potentially raise your speeds if your internet service provider is intentionally slowing them down. It’s your only choice after all since Hulu doesn’t seem to want to expand soon at all.

What are the best Hulu shows to watch?

Why unblock Hulu anyway? Well there are a lot of good TV shows that you can catch frequently on Hulu–like Shark Tank, Superstore, Homeland, The Simpsons, The Path, Lost in Space, and more.

Torguard VPN Unblock Hulu – The Best Solution

The way that services like Hulu and Netflix block you from connecting to their streaming services is by blacklisting standard VPN IP addresses. When you log in to a VPN, you connect through a shared IP address that is more secure for you, and also easier for the VPN provider to handle.

When a site like Hulu or Netflix wants to stop VPN users and thus show a Hulu Proxy error, they search out these IP addresses and block them. So if you’re not in the United States, you can’t access Hulu with your normal unique IP, but you often can’t access these services with standard IP addresses either.  So what’s the best solution?

The best option is to purchase a dedicated VPN IP address and use it to access Hulu. Many VPNs sell dedicated VPN IP addresses at an additional cost, but usually, it’s quite affordable. We would recommend using TorGuard VPN with a dedicated IP address since they have a new dedicated IP address feature inside their primary client that makes it easy to save and use dedicated IP addresses. Not only that, but they offer free shared dedicated IP addresses to access media content.

TorGuard VPN is also our top rated VPN that will provide deliciously high speeds for torrenting, streaming, browsing, and even gaming. That way, you’ll be able to use TorGuard VPN not only for streaming Hulu but as a secure tool for every purpose. TorGuard’s dedicated IP can even work with VPN routers which means that you can watch Hulu on streaming devices like PS4, Apple TV, and more!

Visit TorGuard

Other Possible Solutions

While TorGuard VPN provides a reliable and sure-fire solution to streaming Hulu without the dreaded proxy error, there are also alternative VPNs that could prove effective. These VPNs might have Hulu working intermittently, but they might also provide help through live chat to help you stream Hulu with their VPN.


Hulu Proxy Error? Here are VPNs that Work

ExpressVPN is a popular VPN provider to use with streaming services since it’s so easy to use, it’s available on multiple platforms, and it’s quite fast. Not only that but they are also one of the few VPNs like TorGuard to provide half-decent live chat that can help you if you have trouble streaming Hulu with ExpressVPN.  Here are some servers that may work:

Seattle Kenmore
San Francisco
Silicon Valley
New Jersey
Las Vegas
Los Angeles

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  1. Express VPN will no longer work with Hulu or Netflix regardless of the server chosen within the US.

    • Works, on New Jersey location, thanks


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