Stop Verizon Throttling: The Complete Guide

If you hire an Internet Service Provider (ISP,) you are supposed to put your trust in their hands to offer you the best possible speeds and performance while browsing the web and performing other activities, such as playing online games, gambling, streaming, torrenting, and others. However, some ISPs throttle their users’ connection on purpose for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, they need t...[Read More]

Prevent Your ISP from Throttling your Internet

Imagine it’s Friday night, and after a long week of work, gym, taking the kids to school and performing other duties, you want to relax, go to bed, turn on your laptop and stream a movie or a TV series on Netflix or another platform. Then, you notice that there is something wrong with your Internet speed. It is lower than it usually is, but the issue is only presenting itself on specific pag...[Read More]

How to Stop and Bypass Bandwidth Throttling with a VPN

Net neutrality is the principle of treating all data on the internet equally. It exists with the purpose of preventing ISPs and governments from controlling or regulating the speed of transmission of determined content in order to benefit others from it. Essentially, what net neutrality mainly tries to prevent is bandwidth throttling. Bandwidth throttling can happen for a number of reasons. For in...[Read More]

How to Speed Up Torrents and Block Throttling

Do you experience slow download speeds while torrenting, but experience fast download speeds for everything else? Your internet service provider (ISP) could be intentionally bottlenecking or throttling your P2P (peer to peer) connections. ISPs are often guilty off shaping bandwidth in this fashion when you’re downloading large torrents, or streaming HD video. While it’s quite annoying,...[Read More]

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