Tunnelbear vs Windscribe VPN

Free VPN often feels like a myth, with “free VPN providers” offering only trial services that act as a real VPN offering. These “free VPNs” come with huge limits on torrenting, bandwidth, and servers allowed for use. Two VPNs commonly associated with the term “free VPN” are Tunnelbear and more recently Windscribe VPN. Are these VPNs worth using? While we don’t agree with Windscribe’s deceptive mar...[Read More]

2017-02-13 12_27_52-801px × 411px – Windscribe going HAM!!!

In our Windscribe review, we found plenty of things to like about their VPN service. In fact, most of that stuff isn’t going to change in our review, despite my thoughts on them as a company. These ratings and reviews on our site are objective after all. They have decent speeds, a user-friendly PC app and website, and a decent free-to-use VPN model (with limits on usage). However, lately, I&...[Read More]

2017-02-02 10_09_08-811px x 401px – VS

We just reviewed Windscribe VPN (Windscribe Review) and were pleasantly surprised by its features and generous free basic package. You can find the TorGuard Review as well. Windscribe is now one of our top-rated VPNs, so I thought it would be good to compare both of these VPNs so if you are considering either one, you will know when to pick one over the other. In this TorGuard vs. Windscribe VPN c...[Read More]


I already covered my full thoughts on WindScribe in this WindScribe VPN review, but I thought it would be good to also give my thoughts in a more casual overview of WindScribe VPN just in case anyone was wondering if it was good or not. WindScribe was released in April of 2016, and they are based in Canada. The main differentiator that WindScribe aspires to is having the best security since they h...[Read More]


Good / Windscribe has a great free trial option to test out their service. They have a decent app, good speeds, and great security. In my test, they currently work with Netflix. Bad / Premium/paid pricing isn’t that affordable compared to some VPNs out there ($90 for a year, or $9 a month).  Windscribe’s trial option is limited with data caps increasing based on how much you “mar...[Read More]

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