Is WindScribe a Good VPN?


I already covered my full thoughts on WindScribe in this WindScribe VPN review, but I thought it would be good to also give my thoughts in a more casual overview of WindScribe VPN just in case anyone was wondering if it was good or not.

WindScribe was released in April of 2016, and they are based in Canada. The main differentiator that WindScribe aspires to is having the best security since they have a browser proxy and VPN offering. However, their unique offering is their free VPN package which differs from their annual pricing plan and monthly pricing plan.

In this overview of WindScribe, I’ll go over some of the pros and cons of their VPN service.

Is WindScribe a Good VPN Compared to Other VPNs?

Even though WindScribe is a new entry to the VPN marketplace, and it does have some disadvantages, there are quite a few good things about WindScribe that can’t be said for some older competitive VPNs out there that people are using (namely TunnelBear and Cyberghost).


WindScribe is both amazing and mediocre when it comes to pricing. If you’re looking to try it out since it has a free VPN service (limited still), it’s good regarding pricing, but if you want to pay for it, it’s only average. Also, the paid version doesn’t come with a free BitTorrent proxy like some VPNs do (TorGuard and Private Internet Access). 

The yearly plan is more expensive (costs $90 a year) than something like TorGuard or Private Internet Access and the monthly price is $9. I would have liked to see a lower price from Windscribe for both plans, cementing it as one of the most affordable VPNs.

-iOS and PC Clients

Client side, WindScribe has a great PC app with a decent amount of functionality. It’s not as customizable or feature rich as TorGuard (see why in the TorGuard Review), but it’s better as a free VPN than some other clients.

As far as a free VPN, WindScribe is very good since they have bigger limits than other VPN providers who also provide a free VPN version like TunnelBear and Cyberghost. Whereas Tunnelbear offers 500 MB for their free version, WindScribe gives you 10GB on a verified email, and 15GB if you tweet about them.

Plus, you don’t have speed restrictions, ads, or tracking. Sure it’s a method to funnel you towards their paid VPN offering (which isn’t that cheap) since you can’t download torrents with it or stream media longer than a day or two, but it’s good to see for entry level users looking to try out VPN.

It’s modern with cool coloration and design, and there aren’t annoying bugs, problems during installation, and it connects quickly. I prefer a simple client like WindScribe to something like IPVanish which is a bit too much whereas something like Private Internet Access is almost too minimalist and a bit tricky to use at first.

WindScribe’s iOS client is very good and simple. It’s similar to other iOS VPN clients but easier to install than some others. It doesn’t have as many tricks, and whistles as something like IPVanish does, but it’s similar to the functionality in Private Internet Acess’s client.

-Speeds and Servers

With the servers they do have, WindScribe is very fast. The reason could be that maybe since they are new and don’t have many users, or maybe because they have spent a good amount of money optimizing the servers, they do have to make a good impression.

Since they also don’t have many servers, they might be focusing on the ones they do have to make them quick. Whatever the case, WindScribe is good to use in the US, and I like their recommended server feature since it gave me good speeds for torrenting and fast speeds during my speed test.


There have been some other critics of WindScribe’s report, but they responded fairly quickly to me, but they don’t have a live chat, and they aren’t developed enough to have a support forum like some other VPN providers (namely TorGuard and Private Internet Acces both have support forums).


WindScribe is a decent VPN for free users, but for the paid version, there are cheaper alternatives out there that have a live chat, more servers to choose from, and some more advanced features like free BitTorrent proxies.

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  1. I like that Windscribe allows unlimited connections, which is good for people that have a lot of device they can’t always have behind a VPN Router. The Windows client works flawlessly.


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