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We just reviewed Windscribe VPN (Windscribe Review) and were pleasantly surprised by its features and generous free basic package. You can find the TorGuard Review as well.

Windscribe is now one of our top-rated VPNs, so I thought it would be good to compare both of these VPNs so if you are considering either one, you will know when to pick one over the other. In this TorGuard vs. Windscribe VPN comparison, I’ll take a look at a few differentiating factors.


Windscribe has the edge over TorGuard if you want to consider using a “free VPN.” In fact, I would consider them the best free VPN out right now since it’s fast and easy to use with limited privacy invasion.

The reason that Windscribe is the best free VPN is that most other free VPNs just plain suck since they have ads or poor speeds. Windscribe’s free VPN model has a 10GB bandwidth limit for the free version with no speed limitations, but there are server restrictions.This is good to test out Windscribe or use it only for browsing.

Windscribe is not going to be super useful for large media consumption or torrenting. Besides that, though, Windscribe’s basic pricing is $9 a month, and $90 for an entire year.

TorGuard doesn’t have a free VPN model like Windscribe–in fact most don’t (except a few like Tunnelbear, Cyberghost, etc.) whether because they see it as unnecessary or gimmicky I can’t say, but their edge over Windscribe is that they include a free BitTorrent proxy with their main VPN package–which, is actually more useful if you plan on using your VPN service for torrenting.

Which is Cheaper, TorGuard or Windscribe?

TorGuard costs $9.99 a month, or $29.99 for six months, or $64 for a year. This makes TorGuard’s lowest price $5.33, whereas Windscribe’s lowest paid the price with everything included is $7.50.

While Windscribe has a free model to test out, TorGuard’s paid pricing and included features wins the pricing comparison.


TorGuard and Windscribe both have great applications, but since Windscribe just released in 2016, TorGuard has a big advantage with more features. TorGuard has script support, a few more network settings, proxy support, and dedicated IP integration.

Windscribe does have some important things like a kill switch, settings to configure launch options, easy server switch selection recommended server connection, and it works well with few bugs.

Which has the better VPN application, TorGuard or Windscribe? 

Both TorGuard and Windscribe have perfectly workable applications, but TorGuard might be better for power users looking for more customizability.

Customer Service

Windscribe has decent customer service response times, but since they don’t have a forum community or as many documentation or live chat like TorGuard, TorGuard wins here easily.

In fact, I would wager that TorGuard has the best customer service out of any VPN provider with clear, easy instructions, helpful reps that are always available with generous policies and frequent discounts to encourage repeat service.

Speeds + Servers

Both Windscribe and TorGuard had good speeds when I tested their servers. Both work well for torrenting and streaming as well as gaming. However, TorGuard has much more servers than Windscribe (40+ locations) whereas Windscribe has around 8 or so.

Also, TorGuard supports Netflix through purchasable dedicated IP addresses which make it the better option for streaming.

Conclusion of TorGuard vs. Windscribe VPN

Windscribe is a good competitor to TorGuard, but TorGuard’s age in the industry has given it some unbreakable foundations that keep getting stronger ever year.

While Windscribe has a “free VPN” option, and TorGuard does not–TorGuard’s numerous powerful servers, high speeds, a consistently updated application, great mobile apps, a forum community, and 24/7 live chat make it the winner in this VPN comparison.  

Winner: TorGuard VPN

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