How to Unblock KuGou and Stream Chinese Music For Free

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The world of Chinese music is vast as it offers artists in many genres from rock to hip hop to traditional pop. KuGou has become a popular streaming service that links people up to this world. KuGou allows you to stream Chinese music on a mobile device.

However, it is only accessible in mainland China. As a result, you need to get access to an IP address that is listed as being located in mainland China. To make it work, you have to get online with a VPN.

A VPN or Virtual Private Network will hide your connection information and link you online to a virtual server where your IP address will be altered. Your original address will be hidden as you are presenting yourself as having a new address in a certain period of the world. For the case of KuGou, you would be listed as having an IP address in mainland China.

Check With a VPN Provider

There aren’t too many VPN providers that can help you get a mainland China IP address running. However, we’ve had a lot of success with testing TorGuard and many Chinese users like the service.

After signing up for a service, you will have to look for a proper virtual server through that entity. Check to see that the server you are getting onto is located in mainland China. Connect to the server and try getting onto KuGou. You should have avoided the geographic block at this point.

A Few Tips

There are a few pointers to see when making KuGou work through a VPN:

  • Check on how secure the VPN is. It should offer proper 256-bit encryption.
  • Look at how well your data is hidden on a VPN. See that your option uses a kill switch that stops your connection in the event that your information is exposed in some manner.
  • Free VPN options sound appealing but they aren’t as protective and don’t have as many server options. You might be better off sticking with a paid option.
  • Always clear out the cache and location information in your online browser before getting onto a VPN. This is to keep the computer from being confused over what it is accessing.

Can’t You Just Change the DNS IP Address?

It is true that you can always change your DNS IP address to get on KuGou. You can do this by going to your online protocol setup on your computer and changing your DNS settings to where an alternate server can be used alongside your preferred one.

You can do this to get onto any kind of IP address that you want to access. But even when you do this, you are at risk of still having your data exposed. Changing your address in this manner does not necessarily provide you with added firewall protection or a stable link. Therefore, a VPN might be the best option for you to have.

Remember to look for a quality VPN for getting onto KuGou. This will make it easier for you to enjoy all that the world of streaming Chinese music has to offer.

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