How to Use TorGuard Proxy


TorGuard is one of our top-rated VPN services that provides a proxy. Using a proxy can be very useful if you’re torrenting or using a browser. A proxy scrambles your IP so it can’t be read by others in peer-to-peer networks or by websites.It’s different from a VPN since VPNs encrypt your traffic and assign you a new shared IP, while a proxy is more about hiding your IP through a random non-identifiable shared IP.

Whether you’re trying to avoid copyright notices or just remain anonymous while torrenting in a BitTorrent swarm–or you want to remain more anonymous on the web by hiding your IP from advertisement / website tracking, a proxy can be very useful indeed. It’s much simpler and in some ways, easier to use than a VPN.

In this simple guide, we are going to show you how to use a TorGuard proxy.  You can use the browser version, or through the BitTorrent app. You can purchase the proxy service by itself, or get the VPN package which includes a proxy. Check the pricing out here.

How to Use TorGuard ProxyHow to Use TorGuard Proxy

Step #1 Purchase an Anonymous Proxy subscription here.


Step #2 If you want to torrent with TorGuard’s proxy, you can plug it into your BitTorrent Program. Navigate to your settings on your BitTorrent app, plug in your information, then connect as usual and your IP will be hidden while your download.  See the image below:

How to Use TorGuard Proxy

Proxy Extension

Step #3 If you want to connect TorGuard proxy through your browser, all you need to do is install TorGuard’s proxy. Right now, they have a Chrome extension and a Firefox extension.

That’s it! Pretty simple to use the TorGuard Proxy right? That’s the point of a proxy, it’s an easy way to hide your IP address through torrenting or your browser. It’s a great way to increase your anonymity, but a VPN is also a great tool you should consider using if you want to encrypt all of your outgoing traffic.

This is especially useful if you’re in a country that monitors traffic through deep packet inspection, or if you frequent insecure Wi-Fi locations at coffee shops or internet cafes.

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