How to Use a VPN with BT Infinity


BT Infinity is a popular broadband service in the UK, and even if it can have some good speeds, it does have its fair share of problems.

BT Infinity blocks torrent websites and Kodi streams natively, and additionally, you may have found that if you are trying to watch a movie or video hosted in another country you could have geo-restriction problems.

And like all internet service providers who hold the “power” in their hands, you always run into the problem of bandwidth restriction and bandwidth shaping. BT “claims” that they don’t slow down P2P networks, but you can’t really trust them since they could blame their own bandwidth shaping on congestion or peak user time issues.

So how can you use BT Infinity without slowdowns or restrictions? Well, the simple method is to use a VPN.

However, in 2017, and in the oncoming years, there are more and more VPNs popping up all over the place, and they all claim the same things! In a large majority of cases, some VPN companies are just plain nasty and manipulative. However, we’ve tested each VPN and found the best from the pack. But what are the best VPNs to use with BT Infinity to unblock torrenting and things like Kodi?

#1 TorGuard VPN

How to Use a VPN with BT Infinity

You might have heard of TorGuard VPN by now. They have been around for awhile, but lately, they’ve been pushing out impressive updates one by one. With high speeds, good security, amazing customer service, and actual Netflix compatibility through the use of dedicated IPs,

TorGuard stands to be a great VPN to use in the UK with many servers available to connect to.  It is my favorite VPN for torrenting since they provide a torrent compatible proxy that is SUPER easy to use.

If you’re looking to get TorGuard for BT Infinity, I would recommend checking out the 6-month plan since it’s only $29.99.

#2 Private Internet Access

How to Use a VPN with BT Infinity

Private Internet Access is another good VPN option for BT Infinity. It has good speeds for the UK, decent security, and easy to use apps. It’s probably the most popular VPN out there since it’s monthly cost is so low at only $6.95.

One thing to note is that PIA doesn’t work well with Netflix, and since it is so popular, some users have found that some websites have blacklisted PIA IP addresses due to malicious trolls.

#3 GhostVPN

How to Use a VPN with BT Infinity

My third recommended VPN is GhostVPN. To be honest, it’s very similar to TorGuard with nearly identical speeds and security policies, but I like how new the app looks and how their website is so straightforward. It’s a new VPN, but definitely one of the best VPNs out there right now. If you want a newer VPN to use with BT Infinity, GhostVPN is a great option to check out.

Spark has a simple mission to help you chose the best VPN without any bias. Which VPN do I use? See it here!


  1. What Infinity settings and torguard cipher settings did you use to get Infinity working with broadband? I ask because there’s a lot of people claiming that combination doesn’t work…

    • *infinity working with torguard

    • Oh yeah of course it does, if they are throttling, just select “OpenConnect” tunnel type

      *It works 100%


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