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Discord is one of the best things to happen to social gaming since the advent of Ventrilo. But unlike Ventrilo, Discord is free for anyone who wants to make their social gaming server. It’s extremely user-friendly with consistent updates, and it’s super easy to invite friends to participate in text or voice chat or both.

The only bad thing about Discord or any chat program is that you might get banned from a server on accident (or purpose) and the restriction is based on your IP. Servers are at the whims of the masters who create them.

Now while you could use this guide to trolling your enemies by using a VPN to circumvent a Discord ban, but you can also just use this guide if you are having issues using a VPN with Discord. A lot of people have trouble using Discord with a VPN for various reasons.

Why use a VPN with Discord?

So why should you use a VPN with Discord in the first place? Well there are a few reasons:

  • Using Discord at school to get around a strict firewall

Depending on what kind of firewall or blocking protocol your school or University uses, you might not be able to use Discord. Using a VPN will help you get around this block by changing your IP and encrypting your traffic.

  • Getting around a Discord IP Ban

Blocked by some douche on Discord? Tired of OP moderators? Well, using a VPN can help you circumvent a ban on a server since it changes your IP which identifies you to the server. Just make a new account, and you are ready to go! Just don’t troll too hard!

  • You use VPN with everything

You might just be the type that loves to use VPNs for all your internet needs, or maybe you just don’t want to have to turn it off every time you use Discord. Using the right VPN with Discord won’t get you disconnected.

How to use a VPN with Discord:

A lot of people have trouble using a VPN with Discord if they are using the wrong VPN. Some VPNs have issues with Discord for various reasons. I’ve seen a few users on the internet complaining about problems with Discord with a VPN like PIA, as seen here. The simplest way to fix problems with Discord VPN is just to change VPNs.

The reason is that PIA is a HUGE VPN and a lot of websites add their servers to their blacklist so you can’t use it with Discord. Other VPN users using services like HideMyAss or Hotspot have also seen similar issues.

To use a VPN with Discord, you’ll have to use one of our recommended VPNs that are compatible with most online streaming services, apps, games, and anything that uses the internet.

The reason is that VPNs aren’t all created equal. Some have their strengths and weaknesses, but at the end of the day, some are just better. Sure PIA is one of the cheapest VPNs you can find, but only by a few bucks, and they have grown so big that a lot of their IPs are blocked as I mentioned before.

Best VPNs for Discord

Features How to use a VPN with Discord How to use a VPN with Discord
Company supported VPN Routers
Anonymous Proxy
Anonymous Email
Support for Censored Countries that use deep packet inspection Included within Stealth VPN Servers + Stealth Proxy Some stealth servers (not advertised much) on website
Live Chat 24/7 Sometimes
Support Ticket System
Server Network 1200+ Servers in 42+ Countries 100 cities in 78 countries.
Speeds Excellent Excellent
Platforms Windows, Mac, Chrome, iOS, Android Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
Logging Does not keep any logs of user VPN use Does not keep any logs of user VPN use
Price $9.95 / month $12.95 / a month
Payment Methods All forms of payment including Giftcards Most forms including Bitcoin, no giftcards
Protocols PPTP, OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec PPTP, OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec
Buy your Chosen VPN How to use a VPN with Discord How to use a VPN with Discord

The best VPNs for Discord need to be super fast, so you don’t experience any latency issues while talking, and they also need to stay connected so you don’t constantly disconnect or have audio issues.

To successfully use Discord with a VPN, it means that you need a VPN that has good speeds, a reliable application, and cross-platform compatibility (since you might be using Discord on your phone or tablet).

How to use a VPN with Discord

The first VPN that I would recommend for a Discord VPN is TorGuard VPN. TorGuard is used everywhere for torrenting and gaming, and they even sponsor gaming teams. They have some of the best apps that never bug out, and they have great speeds. I use TorGuard with Discord all the time.

We even have a discount for TorGuard VPN, use code “Best10VPN” at checkout.

Visit TorGuard

Secondly, I would recommend either GhostVPN or ExpressVPN. These are two excellent VPNs with easy setups and fast speeds.

Visit ExpressVPNVisit GhostVPN

Spark has a simple mission to help you chose the best VPN without any bias. Which VPN do I use? See it here!

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